Homeschool Greek Volume I

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Homeschool Greek Volume I is a fun and exciting door into the Greek language. It’s a thorough course, starting with the very basics of the definition of language and a little English grammar before introducing the Greek grammar, but then covering solidly the Greek grammar. This first volume focuses mainly on the function or syntax of nouns, prepositions, and adjectives. The text is written in a friendly manner, like a teacher talking directly to you, not lecturing at you. Mr. Bluedorn even throws in the odd joke here and there. There are questions throughout each lesson to solidify the concepts in the student’s head, and vocabulary is introduced and practiced as the lessons progress. To help with the vocabulary, Mr. Bluedorn has included tapes in which he pronounces each word, and each form of the word, and gives the definition, all of which is also on cards that will accumulate until there is quite a large stack of wonderful words known by the student. At the end of each lesson is a daily assignment of reading from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew (in Greek, but accompanied by a more direct English translation than is in your Bible), which helps show the words in their proper context and also give some insight into the actual meanings of the passages. Also, there are diagnostic tests to help the student make sure the subject matter is understood before moving on. All in all, Homeschool Greek is a very useful tool that I believe God has used in my life to prepare me for His calling, and I recommend it to anyone who has the desire to study the Scriptures in their original language. — Kaelan, Broomfield Colorado, August 25, 2008

If you are looking for a program to learn biblical Greek, I highly recommend Homeschool Greek I by Harvey Bluedorn. This program is very thorough, but doesn’t bog down in the mire of repetition and monotony. Mr. Bluedorn’s technique of reviewing everything is very effective–I can actually remember what I have learned after each module! For those who struggle with grammar, Mr. Bluedorn has such a clear way of explaining even the hard points. A Greek Alphabetarion and A Greek Hupogrammon are also very helpful tools which I would recommend going through prior to Homeschool Greek Volume I. — Ronny Lynn Wahlquist

Sample pagea from Homeschool Greek I textbook can be found here.


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