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  1. Christine Masloske


  2. Clayton Carr

    The picture is of Bobcat hides prepared for the auction in Canada in May. The bobcat is common in most states with over 5,000 taken in Kansas each year. The bobcat pelt is used for high-end fur coats and trim on other types of coats. Most fur is made into coats, gloves and hats for people in Europe, Russia, and China.

    Our family traps most types of furbearing animals. Each with different values and uses. Trapping is an efficient and effective way to control the amount of wild animals in any given area. Wild animals will continue to populate until the habitat they live in will no longer support them. Disease and starvation will then kill the animal. Proper trapping equipment, timely dispatch and removal of the animal from the trap minimizes the discomfort they may feel. We release all immature animals and ensure the areas we trap are not over harvested.

  3. Megan Bayliss

    Hello triviums
    what an interesting photo. I had NO IDEA what the animal was (we’re in Australia). I’m going to share the info with my home schooled child so he at least knows something of wild animals in America. Are they a native animal? Do you need a license to hunt and pelt them?
    We found you via the Carnival of Family Life.
    Megan from tropical Australia where fur coats are not required at the moment.


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