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Bill and Mary Pride

“I am for Ron Paul because he is the only candidate who is actually willing to stand for Constitutional government and an end to our breakneck dash towards national bankruptcy, because he is right that America cannot afford to be the world’s policeman, and because any of his currently viable opponents would be disastrous as President.

“The time for pussyfooting is past. We need to remember where these candidates came from, as well as informing ourselves about the positions they currently claim. Unlike Ron Paul, who has steadfastly maintained his “small, Constitutional government” principles through decades in office, all his opponents have given aid and comfort to the opposition.

“Newt Gingrich single-handedly derailed the Republican Revolution of 1994, by insisting that, instead of immediately enacting the reforms they were elected to do (such as eliminating the Department of Education), the new Republican congressmen should spend the next 120 days concentrating on his “Contract with America” – which totally failed to rein in or eliminate ANYTHING. Thus, all momentum was lost and nothing got done. Add in Newt’s womanizing, his lobbying for bailout bandit Freddie Mac, and his overall Big Government/RINO positions, and Gingrich can be counted on to throw conservatives under the bus, just like the last time, in the event he is elected.

“Mitt Romney is Obama Lite. His “Romneycare” program in Massachusetts is a great example of why Obamacare needs to be stopped. The “Great Flip-Flopper” can’t be trusted with our lives, money, and freedom. Romney is for government growth, deficit spending, socialized healthcare, decreasing personal freedom . . . He is far to the left of where Democrats were only a couple of decades ago. Romney is the unelectable McCain of 2012, there only to throw the election to the Democrats.

“Rick Santorum will never be forgotten for how he tirelessly stumped for transparently liberal Arlen Specter in PA – the same Arlen who defected to the Democrats once in office, thus (with the election of Al Franken) providing the Democrats a filibuster-proof majority in 2009. This, although a genuine conservative, Pat Toomey, was leading Specter in polls at the time (and only lost by less than 2%, even with then-President Bush and then-Senator Rick Santorum both pulling all the stops out to elect Specter). Looking at his actual voting record, as opposed to his present campaign promises, Santorum is a Big Government spender. And promising to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities unless they allow in international arms inspectors? What kind of foreign policy is this?

“As the mother of nine homeschool graduates, the author in 1986 of the first mass-market homeschool “how to” book, and the publisher of Practical Homeschooling magazine for over 100 issues, I am not only concerned about which candidate can best be trusted with our homeschooling freedoms (Ron Paul!), but that your and my children will be able to raise their own children in a country that is not a mere devastated shell of its former self. This is why I support Ron Paul for President in 2012.”

Mary Pride, Publisher
Jim Bob Howard

“Very few candidates for office will try and fail more than once or twice.  Or, once elected, most will spend an inordinate amount of time seeking re-election.  One statesman stands out in stark contrast to this vanity fair of clamoring for offices of public trust.  His name is Ron Paul.  What I care about is that he’s a Godly man of character and conviction, who has made himself a lifelong student of liberty and personal responsibility.

“Dr. Paul is a man of principles; he’s a brother in Christ; and he’s a champion of ‘liberty with responsibility.’  But don’t take my word for it, read what he has said, what he’ll do in office, and why he’ll do it.  If you see a man of principles who will not back down against a sea of opposition, if you see a statesman who has been fighting for your liberty for more than 30 years, if you see a man who sets the personal standard and encourages others to do the same, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Ron Paul.”

Jim Bob Howard
Former editor of Homeschooling Today magazine, Jim Bob Howard is a homeschooling father of four, dedicated husband of 17 years, and has actively served in several positions for the Christian Home Educators Association of Central Texas.  Jim Bob and his wife Amy have spoken at several homeschooling conferences and have written numerous articles on home education.
Martha Robinson

“The Bill of Rights makes guarantees of basic freedoms in our country: freedom of assembly; freedom to be secure in our homes and with our belongings; and freedom of speech. These freedoms and others have been disappearing in the United States. Only by a concerted effort on the part of those who value TRUE freedom will we recover any of what we have lost. Homeschooled young people and homeschooling parents should lead the way in this struggle for freedom.

“Ron Paul is the only candidate who has shown a consistent record of voting to allow people to make free choices in this country. He is the only candidate who believes that the solution to our country’s debt problem is to put our government back on a gold/silver standard, in other words, using money that can’t be created out of thin air. He is the only candidate that would shrink government and lead the way to reduce regulations that are hampering business and keeping them from hiring more employees. And he believes that our relations with foreign nations should be based on a policy of “Mutually Assured Respect” rather than “Mutually Assured Destruction.

“Ron Paul supports homeschooling with all his heart. He is qualified as a private businessman (physician), a politician (many years as a Congressman from Texas), and a veteran (USAF flight surgeon.)  As homeschoolers, we have bravely stepped out of the mainstream, leading our children to a better way of life. Now is the time for us to rally behind Ron Paul. His wisdom and experience will allow him to tackle the behemoth our government has become and to restore the liberties that we as Americans want and deserve. I fully endorse Ron Paul as the next President of the United States.”

Martha Robinson
Owner of the homeschool resource website and founder of the Brevard Homeschool Support Group, Martha Robinson is a proud mother of four.  After spending fourteen years in the corporate sector, Ms. Robinson began devoting her attention to home education in 1999, and pursuing the teaching of Austrian economics in homeschool curricula.  Her background also includes thousands of volunteer hours spent with the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, among other organizations, and teaching economics and history to homeschooled teens and parents.
Leigh Bortins

“In determining which candidate to support, I wondered which candidate would support me the most consistently as I educate myself and my children in the ways of God and the institutions He ordained – government, church, and family.  I wondered which candidate would acknowledge that the best education raises children that feed the hungry, give sight to the blind, and care for widows and orphans – not a candidate who asks for legislation that favors our employment, nor ask for others to fund our sports teams, schools, and libraries.

“Is there a candidate that trusts me to feed my family, to care for my elderly parents, to keep my yard’s wetlands healthy, and to purchase insurance if I live in a flood zone?  Is there a candidate that believes I am an adult who can make responsible decisions to grow my financial assets, to save for my old age, and to invest in my education?  Is there a candidate who believes that if someone who is hungry comes to my attention, I will feed him or her?  Yes.  Politics doesn’t matter to him as much as the truth.  He knows it is wrong to ask for money that just doesn’t exist and isn’t yours.  He is a presidential candidate who not only understands thoroughly that ideas have consequences, but I believe has a chance to win.  He has been around a very long time.  That is why I’m endorsing Ron Paul for President.”

Leigh Bortins, Seven Lakes, North Carolina
CEO and Founder of Classical Conversations, Inc.
Voddie Baucham
Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, TX
homeschool convention speaker
Charles Humphrey

“I will vote for Ron Paul because he is a man of proven character: a faithful husband for 53 years, faithful father who has passed down the values that are true, a defender of life when life is truly a stake, one who is consistently standing for sound principles and one who would rather his whole life reflect his faith rather than a campaign slogan.

“I will vote for Ron Paul because he is a man of proven wisdom: he is Washington’s chief counsel to understanding the needs and ills of our monetary system and he celebrates that he is equipped and bound by the Constitution in the pursuit of that happiness.

“I will vote for Ron Paul because he is a defender of life and liberty: he will execute the role of Commander-In-Chief according to the liberties defined in our Constitution and honor the fact that those rights are inalienable to all who bear the image of God.

J. Charles Humphrey
Husband of 1 and Homeschooling Father of 6(+1)
Elder at Saint Peter Presbyterian Church
Executive Director of Homeschooling Today magazine
Arthur Robinson

“Ron Paul and the Constitutional principles upon which his presidential campaign is based are, by far, the best opportunity that is being offered to the people of the United States. He is reawakening the economic, political, social, and ethical traditions that have made America great. As Ron Paul says, it is his message not himself that is responsible for the rapid rise and strength of his campaign. Ron Paul is, however, an ideal messenger, with the experience and personal qualities to translate that message into reality as President.

“Moreover, Ron Paul may be the only Republican candidate who can defeat the Democrats in 2012. His message resonates with the deepest and most admirable instincts of the American people. In a one-on-one contest for President, Ron Paul can win.

“Our Robinson Self-Teaching Home School Curriculum, now used by more than 60,000 home schooled students, emphasizes science, economics, and history – after the student has mastered reading, writing, and arithmetic. The message of these academic disciplines makes clear that, if America adheres to the principles that have historically made her successful, she and her people will grow in in moral, economic, and technological prosperity. If not, their opportunities will diminish and be lost. Ron Paul may be our last chance for that growth.

“The people of the United States can no longer afford to be ruled by political opportunists. We need men of character and principle in public office. There is no better man in America for the office of President than Ron Paul.”

Art Robinson, PhD
Robinson Curriculum
Editor of Access to Energy 
Chemist and father of six young Americans whose future will be far brighter if Ron Paul is President.
Richard Maybury

“Why do I, a former public school teacher and now an advocate of homeschooling, support Ron Paul for president?  One reason is, I’ve known Ron for at least 20 years and I trust him. Another is that children should be raised by people who love them, not by the crowd at school. Ron believes parents who choose to raise their children themselves, away from the peer pressure cooker of the school yard, should have the legal right to do so.”

Richard J. Maybury
author of the Uncle Eric books and president of Henry Madison Research, Inc.
Kimberly Eddy

“I support Dr. Ron Paul for President because I feel he is the only candidate running who has consistently walked with integrity during his time in office. I appreciate his fiscal conservatism and his strict adherence to the Constitution. As a result, I feel he is the only candidate who can help turn around our country back to the foundation of the Constitution.”

Kimberly Eddy
Lapeer, Michigan
homeschooling mother of 5 and freelance writer
Joyful Momma Publishing
Matt Chancey

“Ron Paul is the only candidate running for President who has the conservative, constitutional record to match his rhetoric. Most Christian conservatives already agree that Romney is unacceptable. But Gingrich and Santorum are double-minded ideological frauds. They talk conservative but vote to keep the bloated welfare/warfare government going at full steam. They offer no substantive alternative to Romney, or even Obama. All four supported government expansion in healthcare. All four supported gun control. All four supported the expansion of the federal role in education. All four supported abortion funding with tax dollars. All four supported government stimulus and deficit spending. All four supported the Patriot Act and other radical expansions of the police state. All four supported undeclared preemptive wars that have cost us $ trillions and thousands of lives for no achievable or even definable victory.

“It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Continuing to nominate establishment Republicans like Romney, Gingrich and Santorum is “political insanity.” The modern, messianic state is one of the biggest threats to individuals, families, and churches today. No one denies that Ron Paul will take a wrecking ball to the messianic state in Washington, D.C. It is long overdue and something I heartily endorse and support.”

Matt Chancey is a home school graduate, husband to Jennie Chancey, and home school father of 10. He served as Ron Paul’s Campaign Coordinator for five states in 2008. Matt currently lives and works with his family in East Africa.
Noel Adams

“As a Christian, I think it is vitally important to elect leaders who can understand and differentiate among the Biblical jurisdictions of government, church, and family. Not in my lifetime, and probably not in this century, has there been a leader who has demonstrated such integrity in submitting to the authority of the Constitution more than Ron Paul. His unwavering defense of the Constitution–even when it means standing alone–should be applauded by American Christians everywhere.”

Noel Adams is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of ten. She and her husband Brett were active on the board of the Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas for ten years, where she served as Speaker Coordinator for the annual summer convention. In her spare time, she muses about politics, theology, and family on her blog.
Andrea Schwartz

“Ron Paul is not a politician, but a statesman. He speaks his conscience; one that is informed by the principles of Christian liberty and the U.S. Constitution — the very principles I’ve worked to instill in my children during the better part of three decades. Congressman Paul is the kind of man you would welcome at your dinner table, your family gatherings, and to teach and lead with a spirit of humility and service. I will be voting for Ron Paul in 2012. His character matches his years of public service. He doesn’t have to do damage control on his life, because he’s lived it with integrity.”

Andrea Schwartz
San Jose, California
Wife, Mother, Home Educator, Author
Words from Andrea
Harvey Bluedorn 

Ron Paul, the Texas Lone Ranger of the Republican Party, the Silver Bullet of the 2012 election, and the Gold Standard of American Statesmanship

Ten things you need to know about Ron Paul.

1. Ron Paul is honorable. He honors his oath of office – he takes his responsibilities seriously – he fears God. That’s as close to incorruptible as anyone can get. He takes his marriage vows, his medical vows, his military vows, and his congressional vows as a sacred trust. His word is his bond, and he never changes his story.

2. Ron Paul is authentic. There’s nothing about him that is put on, staged, or slickly varnished over for popular consumption. He says what he believes. He believes what he says. He doesn’t try to please you; he tries to convince you; and he also listens to you.

4. Ron Paul is a servant. He served in the Air Force. He served in the medical profession. He served twelve terms in the House of Representatives.

5. Ron Paul is principled. His most negative voting record is a most positive witness. People have been looking for an inconsistency in Ron Paul for forty years. They’re still looking.

6. Ron Paul reads our Constitution. He never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution, which often leaves him as a lone voice in congress for the rule of law.

7. Ron Paul is a warrior for liberty. “The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions.” Ron Paul

8. Ron Paul is no rhetorician or sophist; he speaks from the head and from the heart. Ron Paul challenges the status quo, politics as usual. He wants to do the people’s business while the other politicians are giving us the business.

9. Ron Paul is tough, durable, resilient, relentless. He has been in this battle for forty years, and he has yet to be broken.

10. Ron Paul is a winner. Candidates may rise and fall, individuals may switch here and there, but Ron Paul never loses, he only gains steadily in support. He is not a candidate for an office so much as he is a spokesman for a cause.

And in the end, whether Ron Paul wins the election or not, he still wins all the arguments. Why? Because we will end up doing what Ron Paul says anyway — we have just plain run out of money.

Harvey Bluedorn
Trivium Pursuit
Author, Teaching the Trivium
Charlotte Iserbyt

“Dr. Paul has for at least 25 years been the American I most admire due to his refusal to compromise, his taking of courageous and lonely stands on important issues, his impeccable pro-Constitution voting record, his calm in the face of battle, his whimsical approach to  dealing with the mainstream media and those with whom he disagrees, and the engaging and smiling sparkle in his eyes.

“I believe the American people are ready for Dr. Paul and will do everything possible to get him elected president.  He has set the stage for a peaceful revolution in our time and a return to the era when the United States was held in high regard by the rest of the world.”

Charlotte Iserbyt wrote the foreword to The Ron Paul Revolution…The Writings and Speeches of Congressman Ron Paul
Joel Salatin

Founder of Polyface Farms (located in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley), Joel Salatin is nationally recognized as one of the most influential local and naturally sustainable farmers in America. Salatin was featured in the films Food, Inc. and Farmageddon, which expose the corporate-government relationship in the field of agriculture. Salatin is also the author of eight books, including “Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal.”

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  1. Katrina Scott

    Thank you so much for writing this article. It’s so frustrating listening to the news over and over misrepresenting Ron Paul. The more a person researches Ron Paul the better he gets. It’s usually opposite. I believe he will make a great impact on our country despite what he has to go against. God Bless him in his fight for our country and God Bless you for fighting for truth!



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