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Ron Paul Curriculum Tip of the Week – May 17, 2014 Home School, Home Business

Ryan Finlay has a great website. He teaches people how to start a simple home business: used clothes washer repair/sales. This business works for him. It takes very little money to start. It uses Craigslist.

This is a great business for homeschooled high school students. There is no government licensing — not even drivers’ licensing, if parents will do the driving.

He has five children. He homeschools them.

He has written an excellent article on why he and his wife decided to homeschool their children. Read it here.

If you homeschool your teenagers, they will have opportunities to start a home business. This is why one of the high school tracks for the Ron Paul Curriculum is home business.

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  1. helene

    excellent idea! I used CL for a recruiting biz I did for awhile. Legit biz opp and i paid nothing for the venue to gain applicants.!


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