Help Break Guinness World Record

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Yesterday, Walden Media announced their attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the Most People Reading Aloud Simultaneously in Multiple Locations using a passage from E.B. White’s classic book, Charlotte’s Web. Check out the Walden Media web site for details.

They would like alll homeschool participants to indicate on their registration form — “homeschooler.” According to David John Seel, Jr., Walden Media spokesman, “This will enable the influence of homeschooling to be clearly demonstrated to all involved in the attempted world record event including gatekeepers in the press, education, and entertainment. This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the clout of homeschooling and its strong commitment to reading and great books. I would love for you to consider spearheading participation within your spheres of influence. I’m of the opinion that homeschoolers could single-handedly break this record on their own! Vivat domesticus schola!”


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