Have I kept you in suspense long enough?

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  1. Nora

    LAURIE: How can you be soooooooo mean, and not post the pictures already!!!!!?
    The anticipation is very exciting, but…
    All those pictures are lovely, and I appreciate the suspense, but…
    ………pretty please???!!!

    Ok, ok, I’ll wait. (hmph!)

  2. Kim Carr

    Okay…my 13 year old daughter has been checking this blog every 30 minutes. She told me she thought you might be deliberately making people wait. I said “No…she would not do that, she is probably extremely busy!” Welllllll……

    We want to see the Bride and Groom, the wedding dress!!!!

  3. Perla Sarmiento de Adams

    I am 32 years old, and I had been checking the blog each 15 min!

    Nice pictures,all of you look great

    … I will come back in 15 minutues 🙂


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