Handmade Felted Handbag on Ebay

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If you like felted purses, you might want to look at Helena’s newest creation — she just posted it on Ebay.

Brand New Handmade Felted Handbag

Hand knitted and hand felted by the seller from 100% Wool.

This purse was handcrafted, hand felted, and is one-of-a-kind. It has two snap-closure pockets on the front, a swarovski crystal zipper pull, and decorative ties on the sides in a very chic and elegant style. The colors are variegated blue and black making a tweed-look, with darker blue and black for trim.

The measurements are approximately: length-10 inches, width-5 inches and height-7 1/2 inches.

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  1. Helen True


    We almost have the same name! Were you named to honor someone? My paternal grandmother was Helen.

    Very nice bag. Our daughters knit a great deal, our oldest most of her waking hours (but she doesn’t have to look at what she’s doing, so it doesn’t seem to hinder her in daily life). They also make felt bags, so I am wondering if you have sold any and what do you generally get for your bags? They’ve given some away, but mostly, the bags are just accumulating. They might be interested in finding an outlet for the things they make, at least to pay for the yarn (which, as you know, when you use wool, is pricey).


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