Greek for Beginners

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A Greek Hupogrammon: A beginner’s copybook for the Greek alphabet

Learn the Greek alphabet and pronunciation system in a simple yet comprehensive way.

Features of this book:

Designed to correspond with A Greek Alphabetarion.
Practice writing all the Greek letters and marks, including accents, breathers, and obsoletes.
Practice finding Greek letters in words and sentences.
Practice identifying the sounds of Greek letters and Greek vowel combinations.
Practice reading and writing words and sentences in Greek, including eleven pages of numerals.
A variety of exercises in different formats.
Answer key to exercises in the back.
Consumable workbook — you will need one for each student.
For ages 8 and up.
This workbook is laid out in two-page spreads. Most lessons have only one two-page spread. Young students may do up to one spread per day. Older or more ambitious students may do two or more spreads per day.

Though the lessons in this copybook can be used without any accompanying text, they are designed to correspond with the more extensive textbook, A Greek Alphabetarion. A younger student could first learn the basics by going through the Hupogrammon, then review the same material more carefully and extensively by going through the Alphabetarion. An older student might use both books together. In this case, we suggest that the student first read the appropriate section of the Alphabetarion (and listen to the corresponding audio track on the compact disk), then do the exercises in the Hupogrammon.

Sample pages from A Greek Hupogrammon

webCopybook 60-61spread

webCopybook 122-123spread

webCopybook Phi spread

A Greek Hyupogrammon Cover3


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