Great Moments in Medicine #3

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Jenner: Smallpox is Stemmed
painting by Robert A. Thom

Edward Jenner, the inventor of the smallpox vaccine, is shown injecting his first patient, James Phipps in 1796 using fluid obtained from scratches on the hand of dairymaid Sarah Nelmes, standing behind him.

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  1. Rebekah

    This might be a great moment for medicine but not for humankind. The increase of smallpox among those vaccinated with cowpox went up from 5% to 95% in 1895, with the mortality rate going up five-fold at the same time. The truth about vaccines and disease outbreaks is hidden from public view. Just this year, the conclusion at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center is that whooping cough occurs more among vaccinated children than unvaccinated. I used to look at Edward Jenner with the eyes of childhood (having read of him as a child). My eyes are now opened and I fight to protect my children from experimental processes and known toxic ingredients. I prefer God’s amazing immune system and keeping that pure in my children’s blood. Information such as this can be found in Dr. Tenpenny’s Saying No to Vaccines or on health websites such as


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