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Public schools rarely teach children how to write. That’s because it takes time to grade term papers.

Knowing how to write clearly and fast is an important skill to take away from high school.

There is no better way to teach a student how to write than a free blog site. The most popular one is, but there are many others.

If a student writes a weekly essay for each non-math course, after seven or eight years, the student will know how to write.

There is nothing like a blog site filled with essays to persuade a truant officer that he would better spend his time harassing another family. The site says: “Education is going on here.” More to the point, it says: “This family can prove to a judge that education is going on here.”

The Ron Paul Curriculum sets aside one day a week for writing a course essay. Any curriculum that doesn’t set aside time for weekly writing assignments is missing a tremendous opportunity to train skilled students.

The RPC is self-taught above grade 5, except for this. It’s a good idea for parents to read weekly essays. The best place to read them is online. If a student thinks other people can read what he writes, he will be more conscientious.

Here is a simple tutorial on setting up a blog.

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