Gary North and Ron Paul explore the benefits of homeschooling

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Homeschooling may not work for everybody, but the remarkable Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum, explained here by Dr. Gary North, has amassed an incredible track record guiding young people to academic success in just a few short years. Feeling that something is really wrong with the state school system? You won’t want to miss this edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report!


Homeschooling Benefits
by Ron Paul

For newcomers to homeschooling, my interview with Dr. Gary North will prove useful. The interview took place in early October.

Here, Dr. North and I explore the benefits of homeschooling.

Dr. North put together the Ron Paul Curriculum, beginning in 2013. He produced the four high school literature courses, the American history course, the economics course, the business I course, and half the course on government, for a total of 1,250 lessons. He was busy.

I released this video on my Liberty Report earlier this week. I hope my viewers with children in public schools make the transition. (aff link)


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