Gardening in 2017 with Ovarian Cancer

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There would have been no garden without Harv. He did it all. Every morning I take his arm and we hobble out to check the tomatoes and see what flowers we should pick.


Fragrant peonies — the queen of flowers




Which color of zinnia do you like best?


My fuzzy wuzzy sunflower to brighten your day


  1. Alisia Williams

    Thank you for sharing these photos. What gorgeous flowers. I am praying for you both both as you battle cancer together.

  2. Elena Silva

    Orando por Uds!!

    Los amo hermanos en el amor de Cristo.

  3. Gena Gable

    What beautiful reminders of God’s love! Your flowers are breathtaking. I am praying now for your complete healing. May our gracious Father lead you to every bit of wisdom, every nugget of knowledge that would propel you towards healing. I am believing with great faith that He will do just that. And may the peace of God guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, my treasured brother and sister.

    Love in Christ,
    Gena Gable

  4. Deborah

    What a beautiful picture of courage and hope! So sad to hear of your cancer. Praying for recovery!

  5. Stephanie

    This is a precious testimony of God’s unfailing love and care for us, even down to sweet details as flowers and tomatoes to enjoy (probably) like never before. Your marriage exhibits exactly what it’s supposed to–Christ’s tested, sacrificial love for His bride, and the church’s tried, unwavering veneration of her Rescuer. By God’s grace your endurance through a variety of sufferings is a quiet yet powerful endowment of courage to your brothers and sisters in Christ. I have thanked God for you many times and I thank Him again today and continue to pray for your perseverance, boldness and faith to be strengthened all the more. What the devil means for evil, God planned from before the foundation of the world for your good and for His glory. Praise Him and thank you for sharing this sweet peek into your lives.

  6. Theresa Gerson

    I keep you, Harv and your family in my prayers. Even in sickness God has given many graces and blessings.

  7. bonnie sanford

    Laurie, I have had advanced stage hodgkins lymphoma bulky disease for 3 years now. I have done chemo, was told I was in remission, and then the cancer came right back. Then I did immunotherapy and it actually caused my immune system to attack my brain almost killing me and leaving me with encephalitis and an aquired brain injury. While lying on my bed dying I began asking god why this was happening and begged for my health back since I would be leaving behind 5 children all under the age of 7. The answers I received have changed my life. God tells us in Deuteronomy 7: 11-15 if you obey my laws commandments and decrees I will keep you free from every disease. That is a promise from the creator of the universe. You see, god does not bless mans way or the doctors way of doing things. We must trust him and him alone. God says I am the lord who heals you. We are not to consult with flesh and blood. As Paul said when he received directions from the lord, ” I did not consult with flesh and blood.” People say they will trust their doctor and will pray god will bless their doctor. We dont want to go to god directly, we want an intermediary, as the Israelites did at Sinai. ” moses you talk to god and then talk to us. For if God talks to us we will die.” Exodus 20:19. God wants to talk to us directly, without an intermediary. He wants us to learn to trust him and only him. I have so much I would love to share with you if you are interested. I have stopped going to the doctors and am healing myself Gods way. Please visit I came across this site a couple years ago and ordered all her materials ( lorraine day) this is the most informative website you will ever come across. Please pray for god to guide you to all truth. Disease is a blessing in disquise because God uses it to get our attention. Its when we are in the midst of anguish and terror that we realize who God is and we become amazed at what he can do.


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