Furnace Oil and Propane Prices?

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The price of #2 furnace oil has gone from $3.828 (that’s with taxes and delivered) on October 7 to $2.98 on October 24. Propane is now at $2.12. What are the prices where you live? It hasn’t gone below freezing here yet, so we’re waiting to see how low the price will go before buying our oil.


  1. Kim Carr

    We had propane delivered about a week ago and it was at $1.90 and going down.


  2. abi k.

    Well, we don’t use propane or heating oil here in Texas, our house is all-electric (central heat A/C), but I can tell you that Gasoline prices have gone from near $4.00 a gallon, to closer to $2.30 +-. It’s getting cheaper day by day! For that I’m grateful.



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