The following e-books are included free with orders from our Trivium Pursuit After Thanksgiving Sale.

1. Westminster and Her Sisters by Harvey Bluedorn

Westminster and Her Sisters compares, in word-for-word detail,
the Westminster (Presbyterian) Confession (1648)
with its revisions:
the Savoy (Congregational) Declaration (1658) and
the Second London (Baptist) Confession (1677),
along with further American revisions:
the Saybrook (Congregational) Platform (1708),
the Philadelphia (Baptist) Confession (1742), and
the Philadelphia-NewYork (Presbyterian) Revision (1788) and later amendments

Included is a brief synopsis of the history of the three English confessions and their American revisions. Also included is a table which marks the chapters and paragraph sections which contain significant revisions of the text. The text itself is color coded to mark the sources for each addition and alternate wording. It also contains a complete apparatus of comparing the proof texts between the confessions and editions. The wording of the confessions is all integrated into one flowing text, but the colored markings allow the reader to easily separate the distinctive wording of each individual confession. (In other words, one can reconstruct each confession separately by following the color code.) A glossary accompanies each paragraph section to explain archaic terms.

$20 Value

2. Fast and Healthy Menus for Busy Moms by Marilyn Moll at The Urban Homemaker

Take the guesswork out of meal planning with our e-book! Is your family tired of the pizza and hamburger rut and eating fast food on the run? Do you or your family experience frequent colds and other health issues? Yes, you can cook fast and healthy meals for your family with natural whole ingredients. My family favorite recipes rely upon basic, whole food ingredients readily found in the grocery store. No convenience products loaded with questionable ingredients, additives, or preservatives are used.

$9.95 Value

3. Gifts in a Jar by Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper at Living On a Dime

Gifts in a Jar shows you how to make all sorts of cool, yummy gifts that will save you money while endearing you to your friends for life! Gifts In A Jar features ideas to make delightful gift baskets like those in the expensive stores — everything from the Honeymoon Basket to the Get Well Basket.

$5.95 Value

Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper are the editors of Living On a Dime. Tawra and her husband paid off $20,000 debt in 5 years on $22,000 a year income and Jill raised two teenagers on $500 a month after becoming disabled. For free tips & recipes visit Living On a Dime

4. The Merchant Maiden: Earning an Income Without Compromising Convictions by Crystal Paine at Biblical Womanhood

Drawing upon personal experience, Crystal Paine encourages young women and their families with Scripture, advice, suggestions, personal testimonies, wisdom, and practical ideas. Not just for unmarried women, this booklet is a treasure trove of information for any woman who desires to earn an income while still being a keeper at home. 25 pages.

$5.97 Value

5. Homegrown Business: How to Start and Run a Successful Business While Homeschooling by Jesse and Crystal Paine at Biblical Womanhood

Wonder how you could manage homeschooling and a home business without losing your sanity? 29 families share their real-life experiences! A wealth of practical advice woven into these inspirational stories. Topics covered such as: how to balance homeschooling and home business, how to involve your children in your home business, how to integrate your home business into your children’s education, and much more! Over 80 pages.

$15.97 Value

6. Renaissance & Reformation Lapbook by Cyndi Kinney of Knowledge Box Central

This lapbook contains 31 booklets including artists, architecture, explorers, Shakespeare, Martin Luther, Inca, Aztec, inventions, Elizabeth I, Galileo, music, Hugenots, vocabulary, timelines, Columbus, causes and results of the reformation, maps and more…

$15 Value

7. Momma’s Guide to Quiet Times in Loud Households by Kimberly Eddy at Joyful Momma

Momma’s Guide to Quiet Times in Loud Households is an exciting guide to diving into a devotional lifestyle with the Lord that will not only sustain us as we raise the next generation for Christ, but a devotional lifestyle that we can pass along to them as they grow. If your devotional life needs some new life infused into it, this book is for you!

$6.95 Value

Plus you will get 20% off of all purchases made at Joyful Momma.

8. Being a Good Friend by Miiko Gibson

Does your young daughter have some friendship issues? Does she realize the importance of choosing godly friends, or is she struggling to get along with a friend or two? Does she insist on her own way when she should be more gracious? Do her friends think she is difficult to get along with? Does she have difficulty accepting some of her friends? Does she have difficulty accepting your choice of friends for her? These questions and many more are addressed in Miiko Gibson’s Being a Good Friend, a gently written book with lovely illustrations that will introduce to your daughter important and godly principles of friendship. Relevant Scripture references are interwoven throughout the book to support these principles. Discussion questions are provided for each chapter at the end of the book.

$5.99 Value

9. Take advantage of this special one week only discount code available on all Enrichment4You hands-on activity e-guides by Jean Henrich. ONLY during the week of 11/27/06 – 12/1/06 will you be able to take advantage of this special 25% discount coupon offer. Select from over 250+ unit study enrichment activities in Art, History, Science, Language Arts and much, much more. Each enrichment guide provides a brief overview of the topic being presented, along with step-by-step instructions with photographs for each activity. All enrichment guides are in PDF electronic downloadable format and are ready to print in color or black and white.

10. Cowboy Ten Commandments Coloring Book by the Raine Family

Meet some of the horses from Carmel Farm. Ten coloring pages of horse pictures, complete with horse name and an actual picture of the horse who inspired the coloring page. Also included is a free bonus page with mini horse glossary and some sites of horse registries so you can find out more!

11. Secrets to Successful Homeschooling: You Have What It Takes To Homeschool by Paul and Gena Suarez, creators of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Something For Everyone! In this ebook you will learn from well-known authors such as Cindy Rushton, Christine Field, Terri Camp and Lorrie Flem. You’ll hear from homeschool moms just like you, and there are even a few chapters by homeschool graduates! At The Old Schoolhouse we know that there isn’t just one right way to homeschool. We believe that each family has to figure out what method and educational philosophy fits their family best. Some parents may be juggling work responsibilities and homeschooling. Others are homeschooling as single parents. Some have special needs children while still others are still learning the basics of home education. With this variety of authors and the resources they discuss, you will find inspiration and encouragement tailored to your family’s needs!

$12.95 Value

12. Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically by Katherine Loop at Christian Perspective

Beyond Numbers takes the parent on an incredible journey beyond the current mindset about math. Learn how math is not neutral but is really an exciting testimony to God’s faithfulness. In these pages, you will explore exciting biblical truths about math and learn how to teach your child math biblically.

$5.99 Value

13. GLOBALMANIA: Master World Geography in Just 7 Months by Knowledge Quest

We hope that you take the challenge and enjoy your learning moments together.

$12.95 Value

14. Fifty States Unit Study Notebook at Toy Town Treasures

This 32-page study includes reproducible pages for creating a notebook that will be filled with facts about the fifty states.

Also included:

Title pages
Lists of information about the states
Ideas for activities
Games for learning states and capitals:

1. A reproducible Tic-Tac-Toe game board and game pieces
2. Reproducible Concentration game
3. Directions for a sock basketball game

Reproducible map of the United States
Quizzes of states and capitals
Notebook checklist

$4.99 Value

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    I link to your site from my webpage. I only get about 1000 or so visits per day, but I hope I’m at least sending some traffic to your terrific site. 🙂

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