First Lesson in Reading Greek

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Hello Laurie,

Did I tell you that Octavio can read Greek? He has learned to blend the Greek letter sounds. The Greek Alphabetarion is really good for small children. Octavio is now 3 years and 11 months old, but he started to read Greek words in October. In September we started to study the syllables lessons, and one month later he was sounding out words. Still he needs to learn more about the diphthongs.

I have a little box with 100 words written in small papers. Octavio takes five little papers to read out loud. I check that he is sounding out each letter — this in addition to a memory verse is the daily Greek lesson. Because of his age I cannot continue with the Greek Alphabetarion right now, so I want to start copywork in Greek. I did some templates a few days ago to have it ready for the next Saturday (I start the school week on Saturdays), but yesterday came the Greek Hupogrammon, just in time.

I am attaching a video; it was taken on October 31. It records his first attempt to read in Greek.

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