First Fruits

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Anyone else picking asparagus now?


  1. Megan Volmer


    I am picking asparagus. This is only our second year picking so I only get one or two a day, but I just put it in water in the fridge and we eat asparagus every week to ten days. We are moving this summer compliments of the Marine Corps so this will be our last year with home grown asparagus, but we have enjoyed our bed. I love the stalks that go to seed and become wispy. I absolutely love when it starts to ice and snow and they glisten – not that I am ready for ice and snow any time soon.

    Ready for summer in MA,

  2. anika

    We are here in France on business, and every day when we go to market we see so much asparagus! Truly it is a bounty ! We see both green and white asparagus here, it is delicious, and I am so excited about it… One day, when we have land we plan to stay on, I hope to grow a nice sized bed of this delicious veggie!

  3. Abby

    We are growing some, and it is getting very big and beautiful. Your asparagus looks delicious! 🙂 I can’t wait until ours is ready to harvest.


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