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Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead
Message taken from the book of Judges. A story of the social conditions of that time and compares it with the social conditions of today.

The Joy of Giving It All Part 2 by Paul Washer
Romans 12:1 What does it mean to put yourself at Christ’s disposal? What does it mean to die to self? Powerful message.

A Sermon That Has Angered Many (2 Corinthians 13:5 & 1 John) by Paul Washer
“This sermon has angered many of the church people and many of the youth — the parents of youth have been especially angered. Parents think that if they can get some sort of a claim out of their children that they profess faith in Jesus Christ then they seem to hold on to that and it gives them some sort of assurance and joy. And it seems they are bothered whenever somebody would come and question that claim. It seems we would rather hold on to a false hope than to hear the truth. There are many people who don’t want to hear the truth because it will shake up the false hope they have that they’re going to heaven when indeed they are not. There are so many people in American Christianity that believe themselves right with God, that believe themselves saved because they were told that by a preacher who should have spent more time studying the Bible and less time preaching….”

The Death of the Believer and the Unbeliever by Rolfe Barnard
In the Bible what we call death and the Lord calls sleep is harmless for one of His own. There is nothing in death to cause fear for a child of God. It is wonderful that the Scriptures teach us that the Lord has removed the sting of death. It can’t sting you if you’re one of His own…. It has no power to hurt the child of God.

Drug Addict’s Testimony by Peter Orasuk
Mr. Orasuk tells us how he became a drug addict and how the Lord healed him.

Meaning of the Cross by Paul Washer
“In order for us to be forgiven, God has to die as an abomination in our place. You and I deserve to be crushed under God’s wrath. In order for God to save us and forgive us he was crushed under His own wrath. That’s what the cross is. That’s what it means.”

Fixing Pop Views of Marriage Part 1 by Paul Washer
Mainly addressed to husbands, but wives can benefit from this talk also. “Have you ever heard somebody say, ‘There’s no love like a Mother’s love.’ That’s not biblical. …The most important person in your life is to be your wife, even after children come. Many times children are loved by their parents simply because they [parents] are starved of the love they should be receiving from their spouse. She is not to be so needy of love that when children come she begins to almost feed upon them, and draw from them the very thing she ought to be drawing from you. Your children will be the happiest children in the world if they know that you love this woman more than anyone on the face of this earth. …” One of the best talks on marriage I’ve ever heard.

Fixing Pop Views of Marriage Part 2 by Paul Washer
Mainly addressed to wives. “Many women think their husbands are incompetent, so they want to train their husbands to be the men they ought to be…. You’re going to train this man to be the man he ought to be? You’re not a man; you’re not trained to be a man; you’re not wired to be a man; you’re not called to be a man. You can’t train him to be a man. Let him go! And let God train him. ‘Well, I just don’t trust that he’s going…’ No. When you say that you don’t trust that he’ll change, what you’re saying is that you don’t trust that God will change him — either that He cannot because He has no power, or He will not because He’s not covenant keeping.”

Looking Back to Better Times by Ivan Foster
Decline may set in among God’s people. Evidences of decline: 1. loss of a sense of the Lord’s presence — we can go through life and not notice that the Lord’s presence is not with us — we can still have our religious activities, we are still in the company of God’s people, we are not in open backsliding, but nevertheless the gap has developed between us and the Lord; 2. hardening of our conscience — we become less sensitive, we become more tolerant of sin, we do not tremble when conscience speaks as we once did; 3. we become less energetic for God — we have energy for other things, though. Causes of decline: 1. private devotions in our life decline; 2. a yielding to secret sin will cause a spiritual decline; 3. a preoccupation for the things of the world.

Quieting a Noisy Soul by Jim Berg

Identifying Satan’s Voice by Charles A. Stewart
Satan is constantly trying to put his thoughts into our mind. Satan’s voice will come to you in your moments of vulnerability (spiritually or physically). Stewart lists common moments of vulnerability, which includes both weak and victorious moments in a person’s life. Satan’s voice will sound very reasonable and logical and often very comforting. Instead of focusing on getting our needs met, we should focus on doing the will of God, which will help us discern the voice of Satan.

Choosing to Love by Greg Mazak
Evaluates what it means to be “in love” and is it Biblical to assume that being “in love” is the foundation to a marriage. A Biblical marriage is a covenant before God, a covenant of lifelong companionship.

Chosen to Salvation by Henry Mahan
This is not a dry lecture on election, but a powerful, spirit-filled sermon that will keep the attention of even the very young.

Swallowing Life’s Bitter Pills by Gregory N. Barkman
Mr. Barkman encourages us to look at trials as God looks at them. When you are in school, you have tests to see how well you learned the material. On the radio you hear, “Ding, ding, ding, … this is a test, this is a test.” When a trial comes along, you ought to hear the Holy Spirit saying in your soul, “Ding, ding, ding, … this is a test …. let’s see how you’re going to do with this test.” God knows exactly what He is doing when he sends trials our way. He shows us how we can count it all joy.

In Everything By Prayer by A.W. Tozer (preached 1960)
Why everything in God’s church should be done by prayer. People believe they are self-sufficient and have “the instinctive wisdom of the race.” We believe in the soundness of our moral judgements and the “goodness” of people. Tozer counters this. He mentions “beatniks” so you know this is vintage!

How Satan Gets Into Your Head by Charles A. Stewart
How Satan manipulates your emotions and controls your actions by controling what you think about.

More Than Enough Hope by Jim Berg
Dispair is the exact opposite of hope. “Dispair happens when a man begins concluding certain things about life in light of the fact that his expectations have been thwarted.”

Interview of Leonard Ravenhill by David Mainse (May 10, 1983)
The subject is revival and prayer.

Shocking Youth Message Stuns Hearers — So Shocking and Biblical the Preacher Was Never Invited Back (Matthew 7:13-27) by Paul Washer
Preached to about 5,000 youth. “What is the sign that someone has become a genuine Christian? That you do as a style of life the will of the Father. Your profession of faith is no proof that you’re born again because everybody in this whole country professes faith in Jesus Christ.” Very powerful sermon.

Come, Ye Thirsty Ones by B. B. Caldwell (May 14, 1975)
B. B. Caldwell was quite old when he recorded the sermons on Sermon Audio, but they are powerful. Come Ye Thirsty Ones preaches the Doctines of Grace.

Hindrances to Holiness by W. P. Nicholson (August 25, 1950)
Nicholson in Hindrances to Holiness lists reasons (sins) why we as Christians are hindered from serving the Lord as we should.

Beware of the Religious Word Game by A. W. Tozer (January, 1960)
Beware of the Religious Word Game is interesting for its historical value because it is A. W. Tozer himself speaking. In this sermon he talks about the games people play in churches.

Revive Us Again by Duncan Campbell (January, 1950)
In Revive Us Again, Duncan Campbell tells us how he was converted in the very early part of the 20th century and some of how the Lord dealt with him during WWI. But the best part of this sermon was his recounting of a revival he saw in the UK — a real revival, not a fake one.

Lewis, Land of Revival by Duncan Campbell (March, 1950)
Lewis, Land of Revival is sort of a sermon/documentary of the revival which took place on the island of Lewis many years ago. It includes the testimony of people who were converted by this revival.

Can Two Walk Together by James Macginlay (April 6, 1951)
James Macginlay’s text in Can Two Walk Together is Amos 3:3 and it was delivered at a Bob Jones University Bible Conference in 1950. Macginlay is quite entertaining with his humor and his Scottish accent, and he shows us that salvation isn’t just a matter if a simple “decision.”

The Whosoever Wills of the Bible by Rolfe Barnard (1960’s)
And, of course, there is Rolfe Barnard, my all-time favorite preacher. The Whosoever Wills of the Bible is my second favorite of his — my favorite is Casting Pearls Before Swine.

Casting Pearls Before Swine by Rolfe Barnard (1960’s)


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