Farewell to Thomas Sowell and a recommended economics textbook

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Taken from Farewell to Thomas Sowell, Dean of Conservative Columnists by Ben Shapiro

In what we can only hope is the final heartbreak of 2016, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution Thomas Sowell announced his retirement from his syndicated column. Sowell isn’t just one of the great thinkers of our time. He’s a genuine voice of decency and truth in a time when screaming and hysterics gain headlines. His voice will be missed every week….

Here’s a brief list of some of my favorite Sowell books:

The Quest for Cosmic Justice: Sowell explains where leftist desire to rule springs from, and why they can’t accept the world of reality.

Basic Economics: Sowell’s seminal work, and one that every high school and college student should read and re-read.

Wealth, Poverty and Politics: Sowell breaks down why income inequality occurs. Brilliant and necessary in today’s Bernie Sanders world.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals: Sowell skewers sacred racial cows with abandon, and brings enlightenment to an area everyone wants to avoid.

Intellectuals and Race: More from Sowell on race, particularly what obsesses leftists about race.

A Conflict of Visions: Sowell investigates the deeper roots of political philosophy.

All of Sowell’s work is worth reading. Check it out now.

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