Experiment in “Auction By Blog”

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Before we post pictures of the pie auction/barn dance benefit which was held for the Moeller family on Sunday and tell you how much money was raised (you will be astounded!!) we have some business to finish up. A friend who lives in Saudi Arabia donated several Middle East items to the auction but they didn’t arrive in time, so we decided to try an “auction by blog.” Here are the auction items.

There are six items, including a framed picture of a traditional Arab dagger.

Small Aladdin lamp (without genie) — gold.

Small Aladdin lamp — black.

Miniature Arabian carpet in frame.

Syrian Backgammon Box

Handmade table runner

Here is a message from the friend in Saudi. “You do not need to mention us in relation to these items. As you know, every gift come from God, so it is He who sends this.”

If you would like to bid on this group of six items, do so in the comments section of this post. Just leave your first name (and last name if you wish) and your bid. Highest bid wins. I will contact the winner for their address. The money collected for this auction will go to the Moeller family.