Edward Deering Mansfield and The Political Grammar of the United States

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Edward Deering Mansfield — Born New Haven, Connecticut, August 17, 1801; graduate of Yale; mathematical genius; lawyer; author; newspaper journalist; professor at West Point.

Edward spent his early years in primitive Cincinnati where he received a total of two-quarters of schooling by age ten. His formal education — in private schools — began after age 10. Mansfield wrote ten books and numerous pamphlets. His first book was called “The political grammar of the United States: Or, A complete view of the theory and practice of the general and state governments, with the relations between them. Dedicated and Adapted to the Young Men of the United States.” It was a pioneering work in what was later called “Civics,” educational literature teaching students knowledge of our constitution and government.

Published in 1834. 275 pages.

You can find a copy of the 1834 edition here and the 1849 edition here.


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