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A Basic History of the United States, 6 Volumes by Clarence B. Carson, first published 1983-2004 by American Textbook Committee, now published by Boundary Stone

For your highschoolers I recommend Clarence B. Carson’s A Basic History of the United States. The mission of the American Textbook Committee is to “provide books that will illuminate the American heritage, make clear the connection between constitutionally limited government and individual liberty, and describe as accurately as possible the background, developments, principles, and moral and spiritual framework within which freedom is most likely to exist.”

Descriptions by Rainbow Resource Center

“Back in print, this scholarly series from conservative author Dr. Clarence B. Carson provides a solid historical survey of American history from the early 1600s through the Presidential election in 2000.

Volume 1, The Colonial Experience, begins with our European background, travels through the establishment and growth of the colonies, and explores the establishment of education, self government and the free economy.

Volume 2, The Beginning of the Republic, summarizes the great freedoms that were developed during the years of 1775-1825 and includes the War for Independence, creation of the Constitution, establishment of the government, and the expansion of our nation.

Volume 3, The Sections and the Civil War, explores the impact of the rapid growth of our nation, the rise of regional division and sectionalism, encompassing westward expansion, the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Volume 4, The Growth of America, focuses on the growth and development of the United States from 1878-1928 including the settlements in the west, subduing of the Western Indians, the transcontinental railroad, nationwide businesses and the development of large financial institutions. Also explores naturalism, socialism/Marxism, and progressivism and their impact on our growing nation.

Volume 5, The Welfare State, 1929-1985, looks at the Great Depression and the New Deal, World War II, the Cold War, Vietnam War and the radical cultural changes of the times. Common conservative ideals and the conservative response are included.

Volume 6, America: From Gridlock to Deadlock, focuses on the standstill in government and politics that occurred from 1985-2001. Also explored are the philosophical and religious divides that have occurred, the debacle of the welfare state, the collapse of communism, the impact of media and internet, and the world of work and business.

Each softcover volume includes suggestions for additional readings, a glossary and index. The Teacher’s Guide contains summaries, important points to emphasize, discussion questions, terms and activity suggestions to augment readings. A Christian worldview is evident, primarily in volumes 1 and 6. Excellent for the serious student of American history, this comprehensive series provides the older high school and college student with a view of our American heritage that challenges the status quo regarding individual liberty, limited government and the principles of freedom and the moral framework this great nation was built upon. ~Deanne”

Also by Clarence B. Carson:

Basic American Government, copyright 1993, American Textbook Committee, now published by Boundary Stone. Reviewed by Cathy Duffy

Basic Economics (2010 edition) by Clarence B. Carson and Paul A. Cleveland, published by Boundary Stone. Reviewed by Cathy Duffy

You can also get Clarence Carson’s books on Audible.


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