Dubai City, Arabia

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Hello Laurie,

Here are some pictures from Dubai.

As I mentioned before, Dubai is in constant change. In addition to the Indoor Ski Mountain and The Artificial Island (Palms Form and World Map Form), now they are building an artificial lake inside the city that connects with the sea.

What more amazes us is the way they sell those projects. They sell those as they sell candies in the shopping mall, with the same technique as they sell perfumes or spices. They ask you where you come from, and after you start the conversation, you cannot leave easily until they finish the presentation. The strategy works — most of the projects are already sold before finished.

They are also building the highest tower in the world, but my neighbors in Bahrain said that the one that they are building will be the higher. Next time I will send you pictures from Bahrain — it is very close to us.

In this trip we visited a very nice shopping mall with environments dedicated to different countries — you will find the pictures of China, India, Iran and Egypt decorations.

Bye for now.

Perla Desire Sarmiento Ascencio de Adams, Saudi Arabia

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