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    Audio Files

    The Seven Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling – Workshop by Harvey Bluedorn (MP3 18.1MB).

    Homeschool Greek Volume One Audio Files

    It is best to download these files and listen to them when you have them saved on your computer. Audio files like these can take an hour or more to download if you have a slow Internet connection. If you have problems downloading or using these files, please tell us.

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    Programs for windows

    • Greek Primer 32 is a program which teaches the Greek Alphabet. It is a companion to A Greek Alphabetarion. It will teach and drill the student in the Greek Alphabet. (Zip file 3.8Mb)

    Instructions for Installing Greek Primer 32

    by Harvey Bluedorn, revised by True Solutions

    This program is an updated version of an old BASIC program I wrote in 1989. In 1996, some very generous friends at True Solutions rewrote the program for Windows 95. They put more time into rewriting the program than I spent creating the original version. I greatly appreciate their efforts.

    How to Install

    1. Greek Primer 32 requires Windows 95 to run.
    2. The Zip file you have contains Greek Primer 32. To unzip this Zip file you must have an unzip utility, such as WinZip, or any other unzip utility. You can get WinZip at
    3. Your unzip utility will extract the files into a directory on your hard drive. Browse to this directory with Windows Explorer and click twice on the ‘setup.exe’ file.
    4. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
    5. You can now learn the Greek alphabet!

    Greek Primer 32 was originally released in 1996 on three floppy disks. I have consolidated it now into one Zip file. If you have any problems installing it onto your computer, please contact us at: Trivium Pursuit, PMB 168, 429 Lake Park Blvd., Muscatine, Iowa 52761, 309-537-3641.

    How to Use Greek Primer 32

    When you first open Greek Primer 32, you are asked to give a login name. This is for scoring your answers later. Start learning the Greek Alphabet by reading the Introduction section under the Lesson pop up menu. Then proceed to learning each letter of the Greek Alphabet with the Chart, Review and Quiz. More advanced students can learn the complete phonetic system of the Greek Alphabet with the Lesson and Review sections under Phonetics. You can also print out a worksheet for learning how to write the Greek alphabet.

    High Resolution Images

    • High Resolution Image — Limited time offer. Download free print of “Planning Garden” from Johannah Bluedorn’s newest book, Bless the Lord: The 103rd Psalm.

    Copyright and Fair Use Notice for This Painting

    1. Copyright on this image is owned by Johannah Bluedorn. All rights reserved worldwide. No form of reproduction of this image in whole or part, including copying, printing, or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of said image files, or the reproduction, alteration, manipulation, or redistribution of prints, is authorized unless written permission is given by Johannah Bluedorn granting specific usage rights. If any of these images appear on other web sites, or if you have any information on products that are using graphics substantially similar to the images featured on the site, please notify the artist. Please contact Johannah Bluedorn by email for permissions.
    2. Exception: Johannah Bluedorn hereby grants permission for each family to make up to two (2) copies of this painting for personal use or display only and not for commercial use.
    3. In order to print the picture, some of you will need to save the image onto your hard drive and print it from there.
    4. Suggestion: Print this painting onto high quality photo paper using a good color printer. You can then matte and frame the print if you wish.