Does Trivium Pursuit offer curriculum recommendations?

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Does Trivium Pursuit offer curriculum recommendations like other classical education books? Just curious if they make specific recommendations for curriculum for various ages and subjects.

We talk about the trivium approach as to how to teach — building knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. We have suggestions as to what to teach and when to teach it.

We do not anoint any particular curriculum choices as “classical” and therefore somehow better. Something might be “classical” from one standpoint, but not particularly good or useful to some or many people.

Everybody has their own budget, their own learning style, their own circumstances, etc. One of the advantages of homeschooling is that it is not a factory approach where one size fits all. Each situation is unique.

First 1) know your choices; then 2) understand how they compare and integrate with each other and the student and other resources available, including time; then 3) choose wisely. Sounds like a trivium approach to curriculum choices.

Curriculum options are always changing. New options are often different, sometimes better. Keeping up with them all is a big task. Standard curriculum guides (such as this and this), blogs which review books (such as this and this), and Amazon are good starting points. We can’t do all that they do, and we’re not going to try.


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