I found Teaching the Trivium this summer after four years of homeschooling. I was so greatly relieved by the math recommendation because I have totally failed in that area. I used Miqioun only slightly as well as other oral math. My oldest turned 10 in August, and I really did not know what I was to do with math. I already had Ray’s Arithmetic so I was going to just use that. One day my dh came home with Saxon 65 that he found at Goodwill. I was really skeptical that my dd could do it but we went ahead and tried it. She is BREEZING through it. I am still shocked and amazed. I am so glad that we have not spent years struggling over getting math done. But seeing what Saxon does in 65 I will be able to lay a better path for my next children ( I have 7 all together). My 8 1/2 dd likes math and seems to get it, so I am going through Miqoun with her and my 7 yodd and 6 yods just making sure they have had a little of the four opperations through daily life. They love doing the workbook pages, but I am not stressed out about getting math done anymore. I know they will do just fine when they reach 10 starting with Saxon 65.



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