Dear Friends of Gregg and Sono Harris and Family

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From: John Collins
Date: Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 2:19 PM
Subject: Dear Friends of Gregg and Sono Harris and Family

Dear Friends of the Harris Family,

I am sending this message to you with confidence that you will act and pass it along and together we can make a difference!

Over the years as a home educating father, I have been mentored, encouraged, and inspired by Gregg & Sono Harris and their incredibly talented family: Joshua, Joel, Alex, Brett, Sarah, Isaac and James. You are probably familiar with Gregg and Sono’s tireless efforts to encourage and create in-roads for homeschooling over the last three decades, Josh gave young adults a biblical approach to dating by penning I Kissed Dating Good-Bye and most recently God has used Alex and Brett to encourage youth to Do Hard Things.

About a month ago, I was in a hotel room in South Africa when I first heard that Sono was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. I can remember dropping to my knees in my room and crying out to God to have mercy on her.

How has the Harris family dealt with this life-changing event? Although difficult beyond words, they have walked through this with the same grace and courage as they have other challenges; by seeking and trusting in almighty God. You can read Joshua’s latest updates on his blog.

At the end of last week I spoke with Gregg. He shared that God has been very gracious toward Sono in that she has experienced very little pain, however, he also shared that her body is weakening and she speaks of seeing Jesus soon. Although they have not been given any indication as to timing, Gregg said that it could be any time now.

As the devoted husband and Godly family leader that he is, Gregg has stepped down from his speaking engagements and away from his daily business responsibilities to care for his wife. Obviously this has taken a major toll on their household income and the medical bills are mounting. Gregg mentioned to me that he believed some home school organizations were trying to gather donations for the family. According to Gregg “now is better than later,” and I believe the truth is – action needs to happen quite quickly to help save this dear family from more distress.

If the Harris family has been an encouragement or an inspiration to you and your family, would you consider responding to their investment in your life at this time of need?

Cards and notes can be sent to:

Gregg and Sono Harris and family – 6920 SE Hogan Road, Gresham, OR 97080

You can also donate to Noble Institute, marking the donation Friends of Sono Harris Fund.

It is my prayer that we, as the body of Christ, would pour out our love and comfort and help ‘bear one anothers burdens’ with the Harris’.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to forward to others as you feel led.

Grace and peace,
John and Kristi Collins
The Extreme Group, Inc