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OK, we have winners!

The answer to yesterday’s contest is:

The first picture is at Notre Dame. The second picture is at the Louvre, and the object in the background is the Hammurabi Stele.

Answering correctly, in this order:

Erin Hagedon
Jennifer Sanders
Kristie Stoddard
The Detwiler Family
Patty Puser
Alisa Welsch
Anne Michalski
Ruth van den Brink
Pete & Maribel Hernandez
Tom Brainerd ————–WINNER #1
Alan and Sarah Jones, London
Jill Kirk
Susan in La
Jill Stanish
Kate Kessler—————WINNER #2

Tom and Kate both win copies of The Fallacy Detective.

The answer to today’s contest is:

The pictures were taken in front of Big Ben at Westminster, England. The way some of you have intricately described the scene makes me think you have been there!

Answering correctly, in this order:

Dawne S.
Marla Schultz
Lori Smith
The Crowes
Katie Carico, Crownsville, MD — WINNER!!!
Amanda Dixon
Alan and Sarah Jones, London
Tom Brainerd
Susan Smith
Barbara Coyle, Ireland
Lori Holevinski
Sharon C
Kate Kessler
Tony McCormick
Lorri Stringer
Jill Stanish
Sax Family
Jill Kirk
Stephanie Fala
Janice Kerswell
George Major
Amy Tuttle
Denise Mehalko
Linda Fraught
Dena Conrad

Katie wins a copy of The Thinking Toolbox.


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