Contest Time! Describe a Wedding

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UPDATE: Kimery is our winner!

In the comments below, describe your favorite wedding — one you’ve attended or the one of your dreams, or maybe even your own. I’ll pick a winner in a few days — the winner will receive one of our children’s picturebooks.

Adam and Johannah Stanford, August 2007

Hans and Desi Bluedorn, September 2010

Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, December 1973


  1. Kimery

    I’d have to say my most favorite wedding (so far) has been that of my son and daughter-in-law. Not only when he asked her to marry him, did he wash her feet, they made this a part of their wedding ceremony, ministering humility to each other. I’ve heard so many say how this ministered to them as the guests, but ‘they could never do that.’ Pride aside makes ministry possible and successful.

  2. Carolina Jackson

    In Germany I have witnesed several weddings where there is a “program” after the dinner, with the friends of the couple doing all kind of games and fun stuff, either involving the couple or the other guests, like:
    1. The groom is hidden somewhere and the blindfolded bride has to find him with help of the guests shouting “cold” or “hot”.
    2. The couple stands, back to back, without seeing each other. Each one of them holds 2 shoes: one is his and one is hers. Somebody asks questions like “Who drives faster?”, “Who laughs louder?”, to see if the couple agrees in the answer (they have to lift the shoe of the one they think).
    3. Short skit played by friends showing how the couple met and fell in love (in a fun and exagerating way).

    And… I hate receiving lines. I think they are boring for everybody. I come from Spain and I like the way we do it there: we jump into the couple as soon as we have the chance, and congratulate them.
    Also, in Spain the couple interchanges 13 coins during the ceremony. It is a symbol of the fact that they will be sharing all the material goods.

  3. Megan Volmer

    I must say my own wedding was my favorite. I was married on my 27th birthday. Right before my dad walked me down the aisle I looked at the people in the church and thought that my favorite people in the whole world were sitting there. It was a fairly traditional ceremony, but we had three pastor’s – his, mine and our current one. Only one song – “Be Still, My Soul”. Not a traditional song, but each of our favorite – before we knew the other one. I guess looking back over the last 13 years I am reminded of the comfort of this song to me through the trials of life – especially hubby heading to Afghanistan and Iraq. God is good. I am so thankful I waited for His timing and His choice for me.

  4. Ruth Madziarczyk

    My favorite wedding (mine notwithstanding ;-)) was attended this past summer. It involved a Messianic Jewish family so many of the elements of the wedding were traditionally Jewish. However, each element was explained as to how it was significant, and how it related to our being the bride of Christ.

    It was also a very modest wedding with none of the bridal party using this as an occasion to wear immodest clothing (something I have seen happening a lot in supposedly conservative Christian weddings.)

    Oh, and the Caswell family sang at the wedding, making the music heavenly!

    At the reception there was Jewish circle dancing. Everyone could participate, but a group of young people had practiced together once a month for about 6 months before the wedding so they could be a core of people who knew the dances. It was beautiful and lots of fun for all ages! And, the bride’s mother was an excellent an excellent caller.

    I left feeling that it was the most God honoring wedding I think I have ever attended! I was very blessed to have attended!

  5. Carolina Jackson

    I forgot to add that I a couple weddings I went to, the couple shared their Christian testimony: how they came to know the Lord. They did not come from Christian families, that’s why it was so refreshing.

    I do not have ONE favourite wedding, that’s why I am sharing bits and pieces from several.

  6. Amy

    I loved my wedding as I got married in Peru and had two services. One was a civil ceremony at the court house with a simple dress and one was a few days later at the church. Nothing went exactly as planned but we had a blast and now beautiful as well as funny memories!

  7. Marcia

    To me it’s not how much money you spend, but the love that is present at the wedding. We didn’t have a lot of money, and even if we did, I wouldn’t want to spend all my money on one day. We had a beautiful, simple wedding, with only one attendant each. My dress was actually a party dress, though it was as elegant as any wedding dress. I carried six red roses. My mom and I made the mints and most of the corsages. The reception was a simple affair in the basement of the church, with cake, punch, mints and nuts. The most important part was the love that was there. People commented later that it was such a wonderful atmosphere of love and fellowship at our wedding.


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