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I am happy to announce that it is Contest Time at The Classical Mommy Blog. I was thinking to wait until coming back to Saudi Arabia to make the contest, but I found a Post Office near the place where we are spending our vacation in Houston, Texas — by the way, a beautiful city.

In this contest time there will be eight (8) easy questions of general knowledge. Starting tomorrow 18th June I will write each day two posts, one before 9:00 am US Central Time and the other after 9:00 pm US Central Time. At the end of each post will be the question and the prize. The post topics will be in relation with my experience and resources I found in the past Illinois Homeschooling Convention.

You are invited to participate in all the questions, but if you win a contest you will need to wait 24 hours to be able to participate in the next question. Example, if you win contest 1, you need to wait 24 hours after question 2 has been posted to answer it (but if you win contest 1 you are immediately able to answer contest 3!), this condition is to give opportunity to more friends to win prizes. To avoid confusions in this unique rule, I will write in the top of the post the time I am placing the question, all will be in US Central Time.

I wish you a happy contest.

Bye, bye


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