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Win a set of six children’s picturebooks by Johannah Stanford.

Gingerbread Men from Grandmas Kitchen 72dpi

Tell us in the comments section here what your favorite read-aloud book was this summer. On Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll pick a winner.


  1. Mae

    This Dear Bought Land, by Jean Lee Latham

    We also just finished Pollyanna, which we enjoyed thoroughly!

  2. Heather

    Our favorite read-aloud book this summer is Teddy’s Button. We highly recommend it!
    I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have been to us…through your books and website. You have been a tremendous influence on us and an example for us to follow. I sincerely thank you and pray the Lord will continue to bless you all.

  3. Jeniver

    Our favorite readaloud this summer was Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy Book’s Beauty and the Beast. (this is what my children said their favorite was.)

  4. KJohnson

    Our favorite book to read-aloud was Prince Caspian. We are huge C.S. Lewis fans and have read his Narnia books over and over again. This year, my kids read it to themselves before seeing the movie Prince Caspian. We had fun reading it aloud and discussing what we loved and didn’t love so much about the movie in comparison to the original story.

  5. Shelly

    My little boys are very interested in weather right now. So according to the boys it would be: Tornado Alert!

  6. RTroobnick

    Our favorite read aloud has been “Beowulf” as translated by Seamus Heaney. My 10 year old yearned for it for two months after his friend (another 10 year old!) told him about it. I finally ordered it for him from Amazon and he read it aloud to me!

  7. Cassandra

    Our favorite read aloud was “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis. My eldest kept saying, “Read another chapter, Mom, please?”

    I love hearing that!

    Thank you for the oppurtunity to win these books and for your wonderfully informative e-mails!

    God Bless,

  8. Sonja Knight

    We loved “The Coral Island” and its sequel “The Gorilla Hunters”. They are the kind of books that are hard to stop at the end of the chapter. Some bedtimes got a little late as we just couldn’t wait to find out what happened!

  9. Cynthia

    My three old and I have read over 200 books for the library reading club this summer, but the book she keeps asking for the most is her “Bible storybook for toddlers”. I believe she could tell the stories to me by now.

  10. Sarah

    Our favorite read-aloud this summer is “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.” It is full of excitement and adventure and uses wonderful “big” words we have to go look up in the dictionary. I don’t think I would have found it had it not been for your helpful booklet “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.” Thank you for all of your excellent help in educating our family.

  11. Carrie Klayum

    Our favorite read aloud book this summer was The Wheel on the School by Meindert Dejong. My kids are 5 and 7 and it took us the entire summer to get through the book – but we all loved it!

  12. Dianna Mattos

    Without a doubt, our sons favorite read aloud this spring/summer was Treasure Island! Our oldest boys, 10 and 9, loved it. They celebrated our story with lots of art “projects” and drawings. It was my favorite read aloud because it has helped me to better identify good literature. It is, without a doubt, the best written book I have ever read (sad, I know, at my age). But, better late than never.

  13. Gwen

    We read through “Summer with the Moody’s.” It is part of a wonderful series of books published by Godly, uplifting, encouraging, and fun! We love them all!

  14. Roxanne

    Our favorite was Over Sea, Under Stone by Cooper–and then we just had to read the rest of the books in the series!

  15. Stefanie

    We have been thoroughly enjoying daily readings from the Bible. We have also enjoyed Little Britches by Ralph Moody

  16. Rebecca B

    We read so many good books this summer, it is hard to pick a favorite! One of the books we read finished up the Moody series by Sarah Maxwell. The kids and I absolutely loved this series – all four of them were great! We also are still working on The Railway Children by E. Nesbit. Reading aloud is one of our favorite ways to spend time together!

  17. Janee'

    We have read quite a few books this summer. Our favorites have been: Rascal, Star of light by Patricia St. John, and The Little Princess. We thoroughly enjoy reading around here, we devour books. We really enjoyed our “My Mommy, My Teacher” book as well, what a great look into homeschool life.

  18. Carrington

    I’m Carrington and I’m 9 years old. I’m writing about Old Yeller, our family’s favorite book we read aloud this summer. I love adventure and this is a great book for it! The dog saved his family many times –(Mama is editing out some of what Carrington wrote in order not to spoil the ending!!)– We learned from this story that somethings you have to do, even though you don’t want to. I recommend it to anyone who has not read the book. Thank you

  19. Sophia Wise

    Our favorite story this summer has been ‘Five Children and It” by E. Nesbit. We also enjoyed ‘Baby Island’ and ‘The Wilderking Trilogy’.
    thank you

  20. Michelle

    We listened to Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles series together this summer and loved it.

  21. Shannon

    We have really enjoyed Booth Tarkington’s ‘Penrod’, which we discovered through ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’. Thanks for such great suggestions!

  22. Jatina

    Rainbow Valley by Lucy Maud Montgomery! 🙂

  23. Rachael Moriarty

    On the Banks of Plum Creek, by Laura Ingalls Wilder
    My girls request it every time we get into the car as a family. My husband even “sneaked” the first 50 pages of the book on his own because he couldn’t wait.

  24. Rhonda

    We really enjoyed Pinnochio and the Railway Children. Our favorite though is Journey to the Center of The Earth which we are still reading. I decided to read it before we go see the movie, and I heard Laurie mention it on one of the audio seminars. She said that a 5 year old was able to listen and attend to Jules Verne. I was was really reading it more for my 8yo son. However, it is our 5 and 6 year old daughters that ask for it first every night!

  25. Robin C

    Our favorite has been “Treasure Island”.

  26. Melissa

    Duncan and Dolores, my daughter couldn’t hear it enough!

  27. Liz J

    Among the read alouds we enjoyed the most this summer were Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder and Sarah Plain and Tall.

  28. Carola Basaj

    Our favorite read-aloud this summer was “The second Mrs. Giaconda” about Leonardo da Vinci, which led to a thousand little rabbit trails! Even the 4-year old liked Salai’s mischief. We also listened to “Little Women” and fell in love with the sweet family!

  29. Anna

    We really enjoyed the first 4 books of the Chronicles of Narnia, with The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe being the favorite among the children, followed by The Horse and His Boy. We didn’t read it this summer, but our Ava’s favorite read-aloud is ‘The House at Pooh Corner.’

  30. Crystal

    We have so enjoyed reading the Little House series this summer. We’re on book 4, and the babies,(5,4,2,4 months) hate for me to put it down. We love the Ingalls/Wilder family, and aren’t sure what we’ll do when they’re gone!

  31. Kellie Parish

    Peace and grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.


    Marshalls (10 yrs.) and Mitchells (9 yrs.) favorite read-aloud summer book was Little Men by Lois Alcott. My favorite, (37 yrs.) was From Dark to Dawn by Elizabeth Charles. However, I realy did enjoy Little Men too. Mairette (5 yrs.) and Lucas (4 yrs.) could not decide. They seem to lean toward Louis Agassiz Pied Piper of Science, likely bacause it is our latest.


  32. Darcy

    Our fave for the summer was MOODY’s Mary Emma & Company, book four of his collection which begins with Little Britches. The listeners consisted of six children ages 13 down to 1 all listening in their own unique style: some wriggling, some staring, some coloring, but the pay-off was the belly laughs coming from Mr. #3 child! When he offers audible reactions to a book, one knows it’s a winner!

  33. Kellie

    Greetings Laurie,

    Regarding Daniel, my husband and I just read his post. You had asked how one would reply. Johnny, my husband and I discussed it a bit. Johnny posts comments and anwers questions on a secular message board called Glamis Dunes frequently. His experience is such that he would respond with questions for Daniel to answer. Usually, he says, this is a person who was a “former Christian” and is has now moved onto “higher learning”, they are just throwing out questions to keep you busy so you are not doing as much contructive work for the Lord. However, to make sure of this, he would ask some probing questions not necessarily answering the questions he has asked already. If he then seemed sincere the dialog would continue.


  34. Anje DeGraaf

    For the younger 2 (seven and eight) it was The Journeyman by E Yates, for the older 2 (12 and 14) it was Mr. Pipes comes to America by D. Bond. Where did the summer go?

  35. Laura

    We really enjoyed reading the entire Anne of Green Gables series this summer.

    We’re starting on The Chronicles of Narnia this week.

  36. Michele

    My daughter’s favorite this summer (she’s 6) would be “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

    She enjoyed reading it so much with her daddy and then talked Mama into reading it to her again. It was not only fun to read but actually filled with many life’s lessons and led to some excellent character development discussions. (self-control, responsibility of parents to train their children properly, rewards for obedience and respect)

    We asked her cousins to read it before they came for her birthday party, and as a reward we surprised them and let them all watch the video (old version) together. They had a ball singing the Oompa Loompa songs all weekend. Yet they all agreed once again that the “book is always better”.

    Thanks and God bless!

  37. Wendy Popovic

    On this side of the world we have just finished winter. Our favourite read aloud book for this last season was, ‘Condor of the Andes’ the missionary story of Wally Herron, an Australian missionary to Bolivia. All our children (2 1/2 to 15) all enjoyed it.

  38. Lillian Tay

    We have been reading Percy the Park Keeper, A Classic Treasury by Nick Butterworth, and we love it! The illustrations are just lovely!
    Another book we like is The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Collection, and once again the illustrations are wonderful, and the selection of nursery rhymes is great!

  39. Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family

    We have been reading the Mandie series of stories, currently on book #3, of the first five titles compiled into one volume.

    I was disappointed to find so much youthful romance within the pages – 12 year olds becoming engaged without parental input? Jealousy on all sides :(.

    So I edit as I read. Despite this drawback, my 5 year old is narrating like she never has before to anyone who will listen and becomes quite caught up in the suspense!

  40. Deb

    We have absolutely loved The Innocence and Wisdom of Father Brown by G.K. Chesterton. What joy to still be reading aloud together even in my son’s senior year!!! :0)

  41. Jill Courser

    Our boys are ages 6, 4, and 1. We love reading the original Winnie the Pooh series. God Bless!

  42. wendy

    Have you switched on a light today? Well this worked all due to the discoveries related to the work of Michael Farraday. We read MICHAEL FARRADY – SPIRITUAL DYNAMO by Derick Bingham and loved it while learning lots.(Winter here in South Africa, but our favourite read of late,amongst many!)

  43. rachel

    We (my sons 6 and 4)really enjoyed reading ELKAN
    by John and Kathy Eytchison this summer. I helped the Bible come to life and not be just stories to them. We also enjoyed reading through serveral “The Millers” books by Mildred A. Martin

  44. Veronica

    Each child has a different favorite: 3yog-Good as New, 2yob-Joseph had a Little Overcoat, 8yog-anything!, 6yob-The Biggest Bear. For chapter books we read Burgess Bird Book and Owls in the Family this summer as we made bird notebooks for summer study! We added a few other bird story books and learned while “off” for summer break!!

  45. Joy

    Misty of Chincoteague!

  46. Jennifer Velarde

    Our favorite summer read-a-loud has been Ned and the Block House by Edward S. Ellis and our favorite Father and Mother read aloud has been Teaching the Trivium.

    The Velarde Family

  47. Tami Marietta

    Our favorite book that we read this summer was The Scarlet Pimpernel.

  48. Angie

    Our favorite read aloud this summer was “Caddie Woodlawn.” All of my kids really enjoyed hearing about the adventures of Caddie and her brothers.

  49. Carol Triebold

    To my twin daughters (recently turned age 9) I (Mom) read aloud “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, however, I never said the word “magic” but instead quickly and creatively made up words that glorified God (Yahweh) as the source of healing and beauty. One of my daughters is reading aloud the “The Boxcar Children” series by Warner to me (and the whole family) and the other daughter reads aloud Beverly Lewis’s “Girls Only (GO!)” series beginning with “Dreams on Ice”. I also read “It’s a Jungle Out There!” by Ron Snell (a true missionary story) to the whole family.

  50. Elissa Kroeger

    Our favorite read-aloud this summer was. The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. I do not really like mysteries, none of my children seemed excited at first and Holmes’ personality really rubs me the wrong way. By the time we were finished, we HAD to find a Complete Sherlock Holmes book and read the rest!! Now we actually get all the Sherlock Holmes allusions in the Jonathan Park CD’s!! It was an extremely rewarding reading experience.

  51. Tanya Franco

    My favorite read aloud this summer was “No Promises in the Wind” by Irene Hunt. It is set during the Great Depression in America and follows a 15yr old boy and his little brother as they leave home and try to make it on their own. It gave the kids a good picture of the life and people during this time but what I loved was the deeper theme of forgiveness in the story. Namely, that we all wrong others and desperately want for them to forgive us, in light of this we must learn to have mercy and forgive others when they wrong us. I also liked that the story made a point that just because we have certain “sins” in our nature, we cannot use this as an excuse to continue in them but must fight to overcome them and change. Of course we know this can only truly happen through Christ, but still great Biblical themes hidden in otherwise “secular” literature. And don’t the children more readily digest these truths when they are set in great stories?

  52. Holly

    Both of my kids loved listening to Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang earlier this summer. My five year old daughter’s current favorite is A Pocket Full of Kisses, while my eight year old son is enjoying being introduced to the Chronicles of Narnia.

  53. Pamela Faye

    We studied the Dutch reformation and I read my children the G.A. Henty novel By Pike and Dyke. The girls said they loved listening to to this which really surpised me. I’m so glad I took your recommendation from TTT to start these books with our family.

  54. Linda Bailey

    Our favorite read aloud this summer was Little Lord Faunterloy. Very touching and heartwarming, the story demonstrated how kindness can melt and change a cruel, hardened heart.

  55. Lynne Sullivan

    Our favorite read aloud this summer is “To Have and To Hold” by Mary Johnston. It is set in Colonial Jamestown and includes all the elements of a great story. The hero is such a wonderful example of Christian manhood!! Be sure and read the revised version published by Vision Forum. I liked it so much I read ahead and finished it on my own (I normally would never do that)! Full of adventure- villains, sword fights, pirates, Indians, and more! Written in the 1800’s, it is full of beautiful language. Not to be missed!

  56. Kellie

    My daughters are 4 and 2 and this summer we read The Girls and Boys Book of Etiquette by Barbara Hazen. We had so much fun practicing how to be polite and my girls are remembering and using etiquette. They even catch my husband and I not being polite and remind us too!!!


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