Where have Toodles and Mr. Pippin been today?

The 10th and 15th persons to email me the correct answer will win a copy of The Fallacy Detective. You must identify both locations (names of the buildings) and identify the object Toodles is standing in front of to win. Email me at bluedorn AT triviumpursuit DOT com.

UPDATE We don’t have a winner yet!!!


  1. Jill Kirk

    Here’s my guess:
    Notre Dame and the Louvre.
    Toodles is standing in front of the Rosetta Stone.
    🙂 Jill

  2. joann clark

    Chimera in Notre Dame with Eiffel Tower in background. and Law Code of Hammarabi, King of Babylon at the Louvre

  3. Janell Rogers

    The first one is the Cathedral of Notre Dame, on the Seine River.
    #2 She is standing in front of the stele of the Code of Hummurabi showing the king receiving the law from Shamash. It is now in the Louvre in Paris.

  4. Susan Peisker

    The gargoyle and River Seine in the background are a dead giveaway for Notre Dame. I am only guessing that Toodles is at the Louvre, as that would be a likely place for an ancient statue! :o)

  5. The Crowes

    Both places are in Paris. The first is Notre Dame. The second is the Louvre, with Tootles in front of the Code of Hammurabi.

  6. Roxie Lews

    An exterior gargoyle, Notre Dame de Paris.

    Code of Hammurabi, du Louvre, Hammurabi is pictured while receiving the code by the Sun god, Shamash, who in Babylon was the justice symbol.

  7. Jill Stanish

    First picture in front of the gargoyle at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Second picture in front of the Code of Hammurabi at The Louvre.

  8. Kay Citron

    In Paris, France, the Louvre


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