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toodles burning2

toodles burning

What’s happening here? Think up an appropriate blurb describing what’s happening in these two photos. We’ll pick a winner in a couple of days. The winner gets a copy of the new edition of The Fallacy Detective.

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay in picking a winner. There was disagreement as to the best one — it was difficult to choose a winner. But, we had to decide, and the winner is Alana — Her photo blurb is: These days logic is often found being burned at the stake.


  1. Leigh-Ann Cleary

    Having turned his back forever on Law Enforcement in favor of apologetics, McGruff the (former) Crime Dog’s former parter burned him in effigy at the annual Police Bon Fire.

  2. amy

    Oh, NO! Logic on the funeral pyre!!

  3. jennifer

    There are better ways to fire your child’s passion for logic. Let us help. Check out the new edition of the Fallacy Detective!

  4. Anita Jackier

    Hee Hee Hee, now Johnny won’t spend ALL day in his favorite book and he’ll HAVE to play with me!!!!!

  5. Melody

    Salem, Massachusetts. Defying logic since 1692.
    (Now available in nearly all states.)

  6. Megan Volmer

    Oh, no Toodles is being burned at the stake for not being politically correct!

  7. Eszter

    It is logical, that if you climb a burning woodpile, you end up burning, even if you are a fallacy detective.

  8. Cairah

    Ignite a desire for logic in your child today!

  9. Anna

    The Fallacy Detective, 3rd Edition: Get it while it’s hot!

  10. Patty Marr

    “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” is not always a fallacy!

  11. Michael Bower

    Heh heh heh if we get rid of logic, we can control the populous more easily. Heh heh heh.


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