Climbing Mount Rainier

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Day One

Mount Rainier

Hans Bluedorn, Nathaniel Bluedorn, David Rasmussen and sons Tyler and Dane climbed Mount Rainier on September 9-11.

Mount Rainier2

The easy part.

Mount Rainier3


Mount Rainier4

More up.

Mount Rainier5

Spending the first night at Camp Muir (named after John Muir) — situated at 10,080 feet.

Mount Rainier6

Inside Camp Muir (Nathaniel: It was the most horrible place I’ve ever slept. Very cold. Very windy.)

Mount Rainier7

Hans resting up.

Day Two

Mount Rainier8

View of Mount Adams from Camp Muir.

Mount Rainier9

David Rasmussen and son

Mount Rainier10

Park helicopter bringing in supplies to Camp Muir.

Mount Rainier11

Continuing the climb up.

Mount Rainier12

Not up.

Mount Rainier13

Spending the second night on Ingraham Flats Glacier

Mount Rainier14

An important, but time-consuming part of the climb.

Day Three

Mount Rainier15

Starting out while it’s still dark.

Mount Rainier16

Here comes the sun.

Mount Rainier20

A struggle.

Mount Rainier17

I’d like to enjoy the view — but can’t breathe.

Mount Rainier18

Don’t go in there. Sasquatch moved to Rainier this summer.

Mount Rainier19

At the top.

Mount Rainier21


Mount Rainier22

“Millions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth.” Ken Ham

Mount Rainier23

Unidentified Rainier vegetation.

Mount Rainier24

Mission accomplished.


  1. Jill

    wow! Nathan should put his pictures in a book and sell them— beautiful!

  2. Greg

    Very impressive. I would love to conquer such a mountain someday.

  3. J. Eric

    Thanks for taking us on your adventure up Mt. Rainier. I live in Connell,WA which is almost 200 miles east of Mt. Rainier. And on a clear day we can see the top half of the mountain all the way over the Cascades here in Eastern Washington. Mt. Rainier is on Washington’s license plates too. Thanks again for the cool view!

  4. kiara

    do you guys know the vegetation for mount rainier?? i need to know it for a priject…

  5. Jason Kim

    Looks fantastic!!
    I want to climb Mt. Rainier, possibly next year.
    I wonder were there any dangerous cravas or falls during your hike course?
    I would appreciate if you e-mail me about the danger of the hiking course and advice.

    Jason Kim


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