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  1. Maureen

    I must say that I am utterly appalled at the T.V. shows and movies that are now out.

    It seems as though the emphasis is on making the shows as ungodly as possible and promoting demoralizing, secularistic principles that tear at the moral fabric of our society.

    Today’s message seems to be that it’s okay to offend God, that we don’t have to give what He says a second thought. The popularity of Harry Potter speaks volumes about what people will choose to entertain themselves with and it says a lot about what passes for entertainment.

    More good Christian films need to be made because when you come right down to it, people are hungry for something that lifts their spirit, reminds them of their humanness, reminds them of the joy of living. People go to movies to escape their hectic worlds for awhile and bring a little excitement, not to leave the theater dealing with new sets of problems.

    I followed this link through the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

    We should be making movies about things that matter, about people that matter, people that we can tout as heroes to our children and grandchildren. We need to pay attention to the unsung heroes of our generation for that is where we will find the most useful and interesting stories for film.

    We need to get the story of the everyday, common man because in simplicity, there is complexity, in humbleness, there is greatness, in the common is the extraordinary.

  2. Rory McIlvain

    love this blog


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