Christian Classical Education and the Ron Paul Curriculum: The Story of Liberty K-12

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On our Trivium Pursuit web site we talk about what classical education is and how we can implement it in our homeschool.

What do we hope to accomplish by giving our children a classical education?

A classical method will enable our children to:

1. Think for themselves (not be ruled by peer pressure or tied to educational systems, such as the government schools);
2. Logically think through arguments and to speak and to write with clarity and force;
3. Read and to understand the great literature of past years;
4. Master a new subject on their own.

The Ron Paul Curriculum is compatible with a classical education and can help you develop these four outcomes.

In addition, the RPC is self-teaching, which would be helpful in a situation where both parents must work, but a family can use it as they wish — participating with the children by learning along with them or allowing the children to learn independently.

Check out everything you wanted to know about the courses offered by the Ron Paul Curriculum here.

Plus, you will receive four free Trivium Pursuit books if you buy the curriculum using our link.

What parents are saying:

I just wanna say that my ten-year-old daughter loves this curriculum. She’s excited to do school work. And it makes it easy for me, a work at home mom to help with school work. –Sarah Sam

The Ron Paul Curriculum is growing on my two kids, a 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. The biggest struggle is for them to learn how to study independently and manage their time. But that is because the way of learning is so opposite to what they have been exposed to. –Scott Bartlett

My oldest is 16 and loves RPC. He is very independent, loves to learn, and is up every morning doing his work on RPC. Then he works on his projects — knife making, wood working, an old truck. Then he heads off to work at 3pm. He loves reading and gives me updates on everything. –Rachel Bromley

I am currently taking the Business I course and it is outstanding. –Kurt Fiech

We absolutely love the Academic Boot Camp course! We are going to have some seriously motivated students when we get finished. –Anne Calvert

We are just finishing up our first week of the ABC course. I am loving this! What a tremendous program! –Corrin DiPasquale

26 Reasons to Adopt the Ron Paul Curriculum Today (Not Next Term) . . . and 4 Reasons Not To

by Ron Paul

Reason #1: This curriculum helps you pass on your most important inheritance: your worldview. It is the only video-based, self-taught, reading-intensive, writing-intensive, online homeschool program that provides a systematic defense of limited government and the free market economy. I call this the freedom philosophy.

Reason #3: It is self-taught, grades 3-12: math, biology, physics, chemistry — everything.

Reason #5: Daily video lessons — exclusive to the RPC (not on YouTube).

Reason #6: There are no textbooks to buy — even in math and science courses.

Reason #7: Students read original sources in history and government courses.

Reason #9: In most of the high school courses, college professors or Ph.D’s teach.

Reason #11: The high school has two years of Western civilization — unique.

Reason #12: The high school has two years of Western literature — unique.

Reason #13: The American history course and the American literature course are also parallel for better understanding of both — unique.

Reason #20: There is a weekly essay in each non-math course.

Reason #25: 40 free trial lessons: reading and arithmetic. See for yourself how video instruction works.

Read the entire article here.

Click here to purchase the curriculum.


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