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Here is a letter we received from Christian Homes and Special Kids and National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network

Dear Friends of CHASK,

This is just a note thanking you for sharing in the past with CHASK. You have truly helped birth parents who are struggling. In fact, through CHASK you have already saved lives!

Many of the phone calls we receive do not end up in adoption or abortion. When moms and dads hear that someone is willing to love their child with Down syndrome, Spina bifida, heart defects, missing organs, dwarfism, cleft palate, ect., they often gain courage to keep their baby.

Here are some incredible stories that have happened in the last three months:

    Mentally disabled woman is raped by man who already has a family. Baby is saved from late term abortion when CHASK family willingly offers to take the baby unconditionally.

    Teen finds herself pregnant and that the baby has Down syndrome. A neighbor urges her to call CHASK and several families are located that reassure her that her baby is a valuable blessing, in spite of challenges. She chooses to keep her baby.

    Single mother of unborn baby with rare chromosomal abnormality seeks to find a family or institution for her baby. CHASK families surround her and she finds incredible support. She ends up marrying the father of the baby and becomes a Christian!

We are asking for your help again. Our funds are very low during the summer months. As a supporter of CHASK, now is the time to share — keeping CHASK available for unborn babies, birth parents and others in crisis who have children with special needs.

Social workers, genetic counselors, OBGYN’s and others, depend on CHASK’s availability 24 / 7 to help their patients who need support in order to avoid terminating the life of their baby because of disability. We depend on you to make CHASK happen.

At this time we are running out of those precious Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis brochures that have saved so many babies lives the last few years. We need $3,500 to print about 50,000.

Making a donation today will ease our summer financial stress. We appreciate your thinking of CHASK today and taking the time to write a check and put it in the mail.

Tom Bushnell and CHASK staff


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