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Taken from Tweener Ministries

Bethel College Co-sponsors International Tweener Time Chapter Book Competition

MISHAWAKA, IN, December 5, 2006 – Bethel College and Tweener Ministries are teaming up to sponsor a teenage writing contest. “Rewarding teenage authors is my goal,” states Dr. Marvin Baker, president of Tweener Ministries. The contest is open to students enrolled in grades 9-12, including homeschoolers.

“We expect to make this a special time for “tweeners” – those caught between ‘you’re too old for this’ and ‘you’re too young for that’ – by motivating young authors to write for 8-12 year old students. Teenagers know what they wanted to read when they were in grade school, and many of them have the talent to provide fast-paced, action-packed, value promoting adventures without gore,” says Baker.

When school administrators in Christian schools in Malaysia, China, Europe, South America and Africa heard about the competition, they asked if their students could be included. It truly became an international competition. “I never dreamed it would grow into an international program that will introduce at least one new author to pre-teen readers on every continent,” says Baker. “Personal satisfaction may be the greatest reason for creative writing, but $21,000 and the promise of publication is a close second. Combined, they should be pretty good reasons for high school students to get involved.”

The competition is co-sponsored by Baker Trittin Press, Bethel College, Joshua Expeditions, and Tweener Ministries, Inc. – an organization promoting tweener literacy. Bethel College is offering $52,000 in scholarships to the top five winners. The first place winner will receive $5000 each year for four years. Second and third place winners will receive $2500 each year for four years, and fourth and fifth place winners will receive $1500 each year for four years. Baker Trittin Press will publish the winning manuscript and give $1,000 royalties advance to the student winner. Tweener Ministries, Inc. is handling the administrative responsibilities.

“I know the motivation and encouragement a teacher can give,” says Baker. “From the onset of this idea I wanted to find a way to reward the teacher of the winning student.” Joshua Expeditions, a non-profit Christian organization that specializes in educational tours, is offering an eight-day tour to Paris for the teacher of the winning student.

Manuscripts may be submitted any time after April 1, 2007, and the deadline for submitting manuscripts is July 1, 2007. English teachers and librarians will assist in first round for evaluating manuscripts, but Baker Trittin Press will make the final decision. A $25 entrance fee must be included with each manuscript submitted. Every student entering the competition will receive a copy of the winning manuscript, and every school with a competing student will receive a copy of the student’s manuscript for its library. In case of a homeschool winner, the copy will be given to a library of their choice.

Baker began his research in the “Motivation for the Release of Creativity through Creative Writing” in the 1960s as one of Ball State University’s first graduates from its doctoral program. “I feel like I’ve come full circle. Finally there is a way to give permanent form to an idea birthed more than 40 years ago,” Baker says. Baker is also known at Bethel College for writing their Alma Mater.

For additional information contact: Dr. Marvin Baker, president, Tweener Ministries, Inc. at or 888-741-4386.


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