Certainty Does Not Rule Out Necessity

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In coming into Calvinism there are two or three things we ought always to remember. Number one is, certainty does not rule out necessity. Just because anything is certain to occur is no sign it isn’t necessary that it occur. Therefore, Paul the missionary said concerning his missionary endeavors, “These things I endure for the elect’s sake that they might also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.” The elect of God are certain to come to Christ but it’s absolutely necessary that they come to Christ. I don’t know who the elect are, and so I tell all men that it’s necessary to come to Christ. And when they name the name of Jesus Christ, I don’t know whether they’re saved or just illuminated, just awakened, and so I plead with them to cleave unto the Lord with purpose of heart, and he that endures unto the end shall be saved. Beloved, if certainly rules out necessity, let’s hear you explain the death of Christ. On His way to Jerusalem, He couldn’t say, “This thing is foreordained and predestinated to God and so why go to the trouble.” …. E.W. Johnson


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