Hebrew Flash Cards

Large Hebrew Letters & Vowels Flash Card Set Hebrew font used on these large flash cards is the most common printed Hebrew font found in Hebrew Bibles and Hebrew prayer books.

Hebrew Alphabet Resources

Hebrew alphabet resources — a great way for children to become familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet. Large Size Rubber Alef Bet Stamp Set and much more on this web site.

Hebrew Helps

Harvey, do you have favorite Hebrew study resources? Lexicons, interlinears, etc.? My husband is in the middle of another study on Genesis and would like some helps. I gave him the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament for Christmas (he thought it was a very...

Learning Hebrew

My 5th and 6th graders have almost completed learning the Hebrew alphabet from your book Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew. We have gone through it and made a notebook of all the letters and copied them repetitively while studying the sound represented. Do you have a...