Big sister and little brother “reading” one of our favorite books…

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Big sister and little brother “reading” one of our favorite books My Mommy, My Teacher

Attached is a picture of my children looking at the wonderful illustrations in Johannah’s book My Mommy, My Teacher. The vivid colors and rich detail on every page are simply stunning! I chose this as the first of Johannah’s books to purchase for our family because of the title. We are homeschooling our children, and though they are only preschool age, many of their young friends go to a school outside the home. My daughter was wondering why she didn’t “go to school” and if she was missing something exciting. After introducing her to this book, she only wonders when we will get to do all of the different things in the story! Thank you for encouraging your daughter to develop her talent as an artist and storyteller. We are richly blessed by her gift. I look forward to obtaining Johannah’s other titles in the future. I’m certain we won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your ministry. Blessings, Mrs. H., Pennsylvania