Beekeeping Business for Sale

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I’d like to sell my beekeeping operation for $2,000, or best offer.

This includes:

    8 Hives – Each hive has: (a) three medium supers with nine black Pierco frames each, (b) an open screen bottom board, (c) an inner cover, and (d) a white plastic top cover. This year I collected 82 gallons of honey from these hives in the nectar season from May though the beginning of August.

    26 Medium Honey Supers – each super has nine black Pierco frames, fully drawn out

    4 Medium Honey Supers – unpainted and empty

    1 Extractor – will hold nine medium frames, hand crank, broken lid, in working condition, made in Italy. Includes a plywood platform to stabilize the extractor.

    2 Uncapping Planes – Maxant style, one needs a new element, the second works well

    1 Stainless Steel Strainer – two screen design

    3 Hive Top Feeders – from Brushy Mountain, includes floaters

    1 Uncapping Stand – plastic with two sections and a valve at the bottom for draining honey

    5 Styrofoam Nucs – unpainted

    1 Sundance Pollen Trap – painted, never used

    3 Screened Bottom Boards – unpainted

    13 Queen Excluders – both plastic and stainless steel

    3 Hive Covers – plastic, made by Walter T. Kelley

    1 Plastic Pollen Trap – made in Greece

    5 Double Screens – painted

    1 Fume Board

    1 Ross Rounds Box – painted with extra rings

    2 Bottling Buckets – with valves at the bottom for draining honey

    Miscellaneous other equipment of dubious value

I’m getting out of beekeeping because I have too many projects to work on. Beekeeping is fun, but it takes time. It has made about $1,500 per year for me.

I’ll help you connect with my beekeeping customers and explain that you’re taking over.

If you want to keep some hives on our property, that’s fine. Our location produces eighteen supers by August. The remaining hives are at the Dewayne Fender’s property, also a good location. He may allow you to keep the hives there. If you want to truck them to another location, I’ll help load them.


Nathaniel Bluedorn
New Boston, Illinois
nathaniel at bloomingthorn dot com


  1. gregg smith


    i am interested in your extractor or possibly all of your equipment.

    is your extractor a radial?

    haw many deep frames will it handle?

    -gregg smith

  2. hello,

    i would like to see more of your business i’m interested in buying. sandy fine

  3. Lori

    Do you still have your equipment?


    No, it’s all been sold.


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