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  1. Megan Volmer


    That was amazing. I enjoyed it immensely. I just went for my ultrasound Wednesday and it seems like November is an awfully long time to wait for our HappyDoodle. I plan to share this video with lots of people. Hope it doesn’t clog your blog.

    By the way, last night while driving I was telling my 8 yo daughter how we were going to learn the Greek letters and their sounds and then we would get an interlinear Bible and be able to read Greek but understand what we were reading as the English would be right there.

    She said, “Mom, stop talking about it or I am just going to want to order all that stuff right now.” Of course we are military moving in three weeks so we are NOT ordering anything till we get to our new home, but I just thought it was great for her to be so excited about learning Greek!

    Thank for all your help.

    Megan Volmer

  2. Elisabeth

    Thanks for posting this! I’m 38 weeks along with my 4th pregnancy, and our whole family enjoyed this video. When the video shows the newborn at the end, my 7 year old son said (with feeling), “I can’t wait until the baby’s born!” : )


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