Any Suggestions for a Child-Training Book?

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I am looking for a child-training book to recommend to new mothers. I deliver gift baskets to moms in the hospital who have undergone a traumatic child-birth (prematurity, abnormality, etc). The basket includes various materials and information to encourage nurturing and bonding, as well as reading material and various freebies for mom and baby. I would like to include a book on child-training as well and wanted to know of a good recommendation that would be applicable to mothers who may not have any grounding in scripture. I have purchased a few used copies of Larry Christenson’s The Christian Family but those are not readily available. Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thanks. Jane G.


  1. Kellie Warner

    I give out Biblical Parenting by Crystal Lutton. You, of course should read it to be sure you would agree with it. It been an amazing blessing for our family.

  2. Patti Christianson

    Kevin Lehman’s how to make children mind without losing yours.

  3. Raye Ann

    “Hints on Child Training” by: H. Clay Trumbull. It was written in the late 1800’s. The first few pages talk about that Child Training starts at birth. This is the book that many more recent books on Child Training reference.


  4. Kaylin

    “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” by Ginger Plowman. Soooo helpful! Very practical and biblical, but also includes a section that lays out the gospel for people who are not familiar with it.

  5. Greg Demme

    Gospel-Powered Parenting: How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting, by William Farley.

  6. Jennie Heberg

    I’d look into some of Dr. James Dobson’s materials. He has some good books that have been staples over the years for many.

  7. Joshua Loyd

    Probably the most biblically sound book I know of is ‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart’ by Ted Tripp. There are others but they need a lot more biblical discernment as they tend to combine biblical advice with modern psychology.

  8. Carolina Jackson

    To Train up a Child, by Michael Pearl.
    The Mother at Home, by John Abbot
    Sheppering a Child’s Heart, by Ted Tripp.

  9. Elisabeth

    I think “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” is the best choice for someone who doesn’t have any grounding in scripture. It’s extremely biblical, but it’s also easy to read and winsome.


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