Anger and Forgiveness

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Why so many Americans today are ‘mentally ill’ by David Kupelian

There’s much more to this article than just a discussion of the abuse of prescription drugs. Here’s a quote from the article:

Forgiveness – that is, finding the grace to give up anger and resentment at injustice – is healing. The problem is, anger and rage (unforgiveness) feed our pride, a part of our makeup that cannot live without constant meals of impatience, resentment and emotional upset. So until we’re ready to let the life of pride and sin inside us wither and die, we find it pretty much impossible to truly forgive. Anger is like a drug – even worse, like a nutrient – for our wrong self.

Ever wonder why we use the word “mad” to mean both angry and insane? Very simply, if someone does something wrong to you and you get angry, you’ve just become a little bit insane. Now multiply that single event by 1,000 or 10,000 and let the pile of angry reactions and upsets build and smolder for years, and you’ll see that every conceivable manner of strange behavior, programming, compulsion and delusion can easily take root in us.


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