An Excellent Memory Is Needed…

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It was the saying of one, that an excellent memory was needful for three sorts of men:

First, for tradesmen; for they, having many businesses to do, many reckonings to make up, many irons in the fire, had need of a good memory.

Secondly, great talkers; for they, being full of words, had need to have a good storehouse in their heads to feed their tongues.

Thirdly, for liars; for they telling many untruths, had need of a good memory, lest they should be taken in their lying contradictions: and I may add for a fourth, viz., those that are afflicted, that they may remember the great good that they have gained by former afflictions, that so they may be the more silent and quiet under present troubles.

Taken from The Mute Christian Under the Smarting Rod by Thomas Brooks


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