Alternative Phyto-Med Formulators Launches Business Blog

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Business and faith blog offers family medicine alternatives and resources from a biblical worldview.

Amarillo, TX (PRWEB) May 8, 2006 -– Since blogs first surfaced in the late 1990s, more than 36 million have been created. Many businesses are discovering that blogs are a good way to establish expertise, educate and expose readers to new ideas, and keep customers informed. Alternative Phyto-Med Formulators (APMF) is a family business dedicated to doing all three.

APMF offers a unique, organic, non-toxic salve for skin, but the business blog covers such topics as medical education for homeschool students, naturopathy, homebirth, midwifery, organic products, and domestic family care from a biblical worldview.

“Because it is not possible for a medical education to take place without reference to God, we look to the Scriptures as our axiom,” said Pete Hernandez, co-founder of AMPF.

APMF is one of many companies that use blogs to reach potential clients and readers. A blog, short for “weblog,” is a frequently updated web site. Most blogs are personal online journals, but businesses are learning that such web sites are also powerful and effective marketing tools.

“When consumers buy medicine, what they really want is a cure. When consumers buy a blanket, they buy warmth. When we write medical information, we want to arm readers with medical ammunition they can use. We decided to start a business blog to reach online users looking for organic products and to educate readers. We read blogs and know how important they are when it comes to sharing information.”

Through blogging, well-researched articles, products, and services, APMF supports individuals, families, medical students, and churches as they seek to implement a biblical worldview. At the APMF blog, you’ll learn how family medicine, the Bible, logic, and medical botany intersect through the time-honored approach to learning known as the TRIVIUM.

In 1994, Pete and Maribel Hernandez began studying a variety of medical courses because of a family medical crises. While researching hepatic encephalopathy, prostrate cancer, and variety of common aliments frequently suffered by family and friends, they found that clinical applications were highly toxic. They set out to learn more about alternative health care therapies.

Pete & Maribel Hernandez
Alternative Phyto-Med Formulators


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