All Workshops Now Available Free On the Trivium Pursuit Web Site

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You can now download the full audio of all our workshops — nine workshops in all.

Teaching the Trivium Part One
Teaching the Trivium Part Two
The Bare Bones Basics of Debate
The Logical Defense of the Faith
The Seven Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling
Family Worship
Teaching Classical Languages at Home
A Less Hurried Approach to Homeschooling
Principles for the Study of Literature

Each workshop is either 60 or 90 minutes in length.

In addition, we have posted on the downloads page our Biblical Psalms tape. The Biblical Psalms tape, which was recorded 15 years ago, is our very small efforts at putting the Psalms (KJV version) to chants. This recording is not meant to be a performance (meaning, we aren’t great singers), but is meant only to help other believers who desire to sing the Psalms. Some day, perhaps, we’ll make another recording, adding in the Psalms for which we have written new chants or tunes.

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  1. Michelle Smith

    Dear Harvey and Laurie,
    We love your teaching and are greatful for your resources. I’ve asked you once before, but I am wondering if perhaps you are able to post any of the Psalms you have chants or tunes for, which are not included in your original tape?
    We sing all of them, and know at least 80% by heart. I’d love the rest of Ps 119 if you have put it to a chant and also Psalm 22 and 89 and 132, which were cut short on the original tape.
    We sing Psalms daily and love it. Our son put a partial tune to Ps 150 and I expanded it so we have a chant for the whole Psalm. (It is a .wav file if you’d like to hear it, although we’re not great singers, the tune fits nicely).
    It is difficult to put a price on being able to sing and learn God’s Word, and from our own experience, putting the chant together is time consuming, though rewarding. Even if it is a poor quality recording, I would really love to hear more of your Psalm singing, so we can benefit from your hard work putting the chant to the words.
    We would be happy to make a donation or put money toward the time and effort it would take you to put it onto your website for us to use. Please do consider it, if you haven’t already, even just to take an evening to sing all your other Psalms tunes onto an mp3 player and post that.
    I am sure we aren’t the only ones who would appreciate it and I am sure God would reward an endeavour that helps His people to memorise His Word and sing it to Him in praise.
    Thank you again for sharing your lives with us,
    Kind Regards,
    Paul and Michelle Smith
    Stockleigh, Australia


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