Advice from the World of Trivium Preceptors

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With a view to encouraging new homeschooling parents, we would like to publish a compilation of articles/letters/descriptions/essays/book reviews written by our readers and by us describing our experiences using the trivium (classical education) in homeschooling.

    how have you benefited from using the trivium
    what advice would you give others in starting out using the classical approach
    what would you do differently if starting over
    specific curriculum advice
    mistakes made and remedies found
    specific challenges with using this approach
    comparisons to other approaches
    integrating/applying the trivium to different subjects
    ideas/projects which aren’t specific to the classical approach, but are helpful
    discipline/family life issues which you have addressed in your homeschool
    useful schedules
    cautions about materials, trends, attitudes

Feel free to include your experiences which may not exactly address classical education, but were helpful to you and which you wish to share with others.

Following an idea originating with Maribel Hernandez, we’ll title this ebook Advice from the World of Trivium Preceptors. A preceptor is a teacher or instructor who is responsible to uphold a certain law or tradition; an expert or specialist who gives practical experience and training to a student. Although the term is often applied to the field of medicine in referring to a physician or nurse who supervises or coaches others in their field, we will use it here to refer to a homeschooling parent who, though perhaps can’t be called an expert, is sharing her practical experience in training her children using the trivium.

If you would like to submit an article — it can be of any length, although brief articles are usually more effective than long articles — please email it to us (bluedorn AT triviumpursuit DOT com) by March 15, 2007. Include your name, city, state, number and ages of children, your web or business address, and also state that you give us permission to use it in the ebook. You may submit your article anonymously if you like. If your article is used, you will receive a copy of the entire ebook. This ebook will go on sale at our web site sometime this spring, Lord willing.

We reserve the right to edit articles.



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