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A Review of English Grammar for Students of Biblical Greek and Other Ancient Languages: A Thorough Self-Study Program For Ages Twelve Through Adult

by Harvey Bluedorn

Students who know and understand well their own language grammar are better prepared to study the grammar of other languages. A Review of English Grammar takes this principle one step further, providing a review of the basic categories of English grammar, but written from the point of view of Greek grammar. In other words, this book fits English grammar into the mold of Greek grammar – as best as that can be done. Many of these adaptations to Greek grammar will also help with understanding other ancient and modern languages. So this book can be adapted for use with any Greek program as well as for use with other ancient and modern language programs.

A Review of English Grammar is a programmed-interactive grammar. Programmed means that the text arranges all of the information which the student needs in a way which is self-instructional. Interactive means that the material is written in a digestible format which causes the student to interact with the text in order to master the material.

The text is laid out in a fully enumerated and indented outline format (with hanging paragraphs) so that the student can easily locate different levels. The Outline Table of Contents is a digest, collecting and listing nearly all of the enumerated headings. As such, it serves as a topical index in the form of a detailed outline. The major divisions of the text are:

• Introduction
• A Short List of Grammatical Terms
• The Parts of Speech
• The Elements of a Sentence
• The Dimensions of Word Analysis
• Bibliographies

English grammar grew out of Latin grammar, which itself came from Greek grammar. The earliest surviving Greek grammar textbook is Tékhn Grammatiké (The Art of Grammar) by Dionysius Thrax. His is the first systematic grammar of Western tradition, stood as a model for subsequent grammars, and remained a standard for nearly two millennia, being used until the eighteenth century AD. Brief excerpts from The Art of Grammar are inserted at appropriate places in the text.

A Review of English Grammar is built on the traditional descriptive-functional model of grammar combined with a formal-structural model of grammar. These fancy hyphenated words simply mean that we describe words according to their normal function, but we also consider the form of a word and the way in which a word fits into the structure of a sentence. It uses the older Reed-Kellogg schematic method of sentence diagramming because this method adapts well to these two models of grammar, and because this method displays well the structure and logic of the sentence.

A Review of English Grammar does not use the tree diagramming method which was developed in order to illustrate relationships within a sentence according to what is called a transformational-generative model of grammar – a model which has led to the development of “whole language” instruction and such practices as “invented spelling.”

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