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This Book is an Abomination, Unmitigated Hypocrisy
By K….

This book has the same credibility and concomitant offensive hypocrisy as would a book written by Adolf Hitler, that described ways to “love thy Jewish brethren.”

It is nothing more than a superficial pretense to support something that your true dogmatic beliefs seek to destroy. It is manipulative and immoral to present this as a good way to teach children how to discern the truth.

It is pathetically preposterous that anyone believing in absurd superstitions like leprechauns, palm readers, or Christianity has the audacity to write a book on logic.

What we have here is just another in the long parade of cloaked presentations of religious beliefs, such as creationism, in which false and distorted concepts are presented as academically credible information. It is part of the attack on our children’s intellectual future where the dogmatic ignoramuses seek to corrupt our children’s minds, before they are old enough for critical reasoning, and therefore more susceptible to accept false and groundless concepts as absolute truths.

The use of logic and the belief in the absurd superstition of Christianity cannot co-exist. An unavoidable prerequisite for believing in Christianity is the suspension of logic. Religious leaders have known this for centuries. This is why Martin Luther labeled “reason” as the enemy of Christianity and instructed his followers to denigrate the use of reason whenever possible.

It is a gross perversion to the concepts of logic to have anyone who believes in any superstition to provide instruction on the use of reason. It is an abomination that this book was ever published. I am certain that it would never be considered for publication by a repeatable and ethical publisher that was concerned with such concepts as unmitigated hypocrisy.

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  1. Carolina Jackson

    Bless those who are persecuted for the Lord of Christ and the gospel.
    This is one of those persecutions that leave us sad and hurt, but tell us that we are in the right path.
    I wrote something one time in the local paper about creation and i got a card in my mailbox calling me moron.
    I have not read the book, so i cannto review, but i hope others will do.
    just press on.


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